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What's propelling young, Hmong women to break with tradition and pursue their college dreams.

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Growing up in rural Appalachia Machlyn Blair didn't think he would have much in common with teenagers from other places. But the current immigrat...

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Angely Tavares considers her parents choice to immigrate to New York city for a better life from her beloved Domincan Republic.

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Youth Radio’s Mayra Jimenez reports on the role of young people translating financial transactions for their immigrant parents.

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When Josue arrived in the US he was surprised to find that some of the Latino students in his school weren't as welcoming as he thought they'd be.

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Recently, French President Nicolas Sarkozy suggested that elite schools reserve space for youth from poorer backgrounds. Most of the schools reject...

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Youth Voices producer Marjorie explores the rift left between herself and her extended family when a language barrier is realized

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A Somali teenager describes what it's like to move to America speaking no English and manage to graduate from high school.

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Youth Radio's Luis Sierra describes his father's decision to return to Mexico after decades in the United States because of the economic crisis.

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Profile of Tenzin Choerap, a Tibetan immigrant benefitting from a federal program that helps low income and first-generation students attend college.

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Elizabeth's aunt crossed from Mexico to the U.S. and had to leave her children behind.

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Ece Ergadöz, a Turkish student at the United World College, explores her relationship with her mixed ethnic roots.

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A young Filipino-American's poem on growing up in many languages.

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Immigration and assimilation from a teen perspective.

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Teens talk about standards, inequality, and getting out of public high school in America. Schooled is one hour of some of the best youth radio st...

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We grew up in America after 9/11. Our world is full of disasters. Now it's our time to step up or sit out.

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