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This hour-long radio special, narrated by Morgan Freeman, brings together a broad range of voices to talk about racism, antisemitism, and the ways ...

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This is the story of three men who served aboard the Exodus 1947, a Jewish refugee ship that tried to run thousands of holocaust survivors past the...

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NEVER AGAIN: A HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL: is a one hour special that includes Larry Josephson's recent exclusive interview with Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust s...

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5 Survivors of the Holocaust share thier stories

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Caption: Lynnette Freeman
Three short plays. In TWO JEWISH MEN IN THEIR SEVENTIES, comedians Jerry Stiller and Bob Dishy carry on as they play two old friends visiting a new...

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Caption: Shlomo Breznitz
The Remarkable Life of Shlomo Breznitz …this week on Prime Time Radio.

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The most important anti-fascist and protest song of the 20th century

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Caption: Jay Ipson in front of the Virginia Holocaust Museum., Credit: John K. MacLellan
Jay Ipson is the original survivor. He and his mother and father escaped selections in the the Kuvna ghetto in Lithuania. When Nazis tightened the ...

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Miep Gies, the Austrian woman whose family protected the family of Anne Frank during World War II and who found Anne's diary scattered on the floor...

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Caption: Hillside in Murambi, Credit: Photo by Gregory Warner
A visit to a Rwandan memorial raises questions about when and how we remember genocide.

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Caption: Free At Last!
When the Germans started the deportation of Jews in Antwerp, Belgium in 1942, Charles Spira was 4 years old. This is the story how Charles, his mo...

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Caption: PRX default Piece image
Two World War II veterans recall memories of serving on the front lines, and helping to liberate two concentration camps.

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A young Jewish piano prodigy, whose music saved her life during the Holocaust.

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The Borromeo String Quartet tackles renowned composer Steve Reich's notoriously difficult "Different Trains for String Quartet and Tape" with stirr...

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Caption: Devorah Spilman
Devorah Spilman tells the story of how she became an observant Jew.

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Caption: Flory Jagoda (right) teaches Ladino songs., Credit: Morgan Miller
"Don't open your mouth. Just sit and play. Keep on playing."

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In 1945, the BBC broadcasted one reporter's description and field recording of a Shabbat service conducted on the grounds of the Bergen-Belsen conc...

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