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Compiled By: Rose Weiss

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With Good Reason: Weekly Half Hour Long Episodes (Series)

Produced by With Good Reason

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Y'all Alright? (half)

From With Good Reason | Part of the With Good Reason: Weekly Half Hour Long Episodes series | 29:00


While people planned socially distanced funerals and waited in miles-long lines for canned food, the stock market soared and brought the GDP with it. The pandemic has revealed that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a poor measure of economic and societal health. Stephen Macekura’s new book, The Mismeasure of Progress, explores GDP and the long history of those who have critiqued it. And: The 2008 financial crisis scared investors. So they parked their money in huge land grabs for farms that would ideally prevent future food shortages in the United States. Bikrum Gill says the effort did more harm than good. 

Planetary Radio (Series)

Produced by Mat Kaplan

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7 More Minutes of Terror: Perseverance Arrives at Mars

From Mat Kaplan | Part of the Planetary Radio series | 28:50

Sky_crane_lowers_perseverance_to_jezero_small_small The 2020 Mars Rover will reach the Red Planet on February 18th after many months in the relative quiet of space. It will then undergo a true trial by fire as it descends to the surface. Jet Propulsion Lab systems engineer and his colleagues hope it will arrive as successfully as its sister Curiosity did in 2012. He tells host Mat Kaplan what to expect. Planetary Radio listeners prove once again that they are awesome as they go to amazing and unnecessary lengths (oops!) to answer the space trivia quiz. 

Living Planet: Environment Matters ~ from DW (Series)

Produced by DW - Deutsche Welle

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Living Planet 01/22/2021

From DW - Deutsche Welle | Part of the Living Planet: Environment Matters ~ from DW series | 30:00

Lp1_small This week on the show: The ways we need water - Although freshwater sustains us in so many ways, it's often taken for granted — until it's gone. Peatlands drained for palm oil plantations in Indonesia exact an ecological and human toll. Kenya's Athi River, once a prime tourist attraction, has become a stinking cesspool. And, Bhutan banks on hydropower for its clean energy development.

The Write Question (Series)

Produced by KUFM - Montana Public Radio

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The Write Question - Gretchen E. Minton

From KUFM - Montana Public Radio | Part of the The Write Question series | 29:00

Shakespeare_in_montana_small About the book: 

Tracing more than two centuries of history, Shakespeare in Montana uncovers a vast array of different voices that capture the state’s love affair with the world’s most famous writer. From mountain men, pioneers, and itinerant acting companies in mining camps to women’s clubs at the turn of the twentieth century and the contemporary popularity of Shakespeare in the Parks throughout Montana, the book chronicles the stories of residents across this incredible western state who have been attracted to the words and works of Shakespeare. Minton explores this unique relationship found in the Treasure State and provides considerable insight into the myriad places and times in which Shakespeare’s words have been heard and discussed. By revealing what Shakespeare has meant to the people of Montana, Minton offers us a better understanding of the state’s citizens and history while providing a key perspective on Shakespeare’s enduring global influence.

About Montana Shakespeare in the Parks:

The mission of Montana Shakespeare in the Parks is to engage and enrich both rural and underserved communities with professional productions of Shakespeare and other classics and, through educational outreach, to inspire creative expression and appreciation of the arts in young audiences.

Montana Shakespeare in the Parks (MSIP) opened its first season in the summer of 1973. The amateur acting company was comprised of a mixture of students and community members and was founded by Dr. Bruce Jacobsen. The company performed Shakespearean scenes only and the season consisted of thirteen performances in seven cities in Montana. The goal was to bring Shakespeare directly to the people of Montana who would not otherwise have the opportunity with an emphasis on underserved rural communities. The following summer, two full productions (The Taming of the Shrew and The Merchant of Venice) were mounted by a paid professional company and staff. The season doubled to include 26 performances in 18 cities and the Montana Shakespeare in the Parks Company as we have come to know it was born.

About the author:

Gretchen is a professor in the Department of English at Montana  State University in Bozeman. She is also the editor of several books and critical editions, including Timon of Athens and The Revenger’s Tragedy.


World in Progress: Global Development Issues ~ from DW (Series)

Produced by DW - Deutsche Welle

Most recent piece in this series:

World in Progress 01212021

From DW - Deutsche Welle | Part of the World in Progress: Global Development Issues ~ from DW series | 30:00

Wip1_small This week on the show: As countries all over the world start vaccinating their populations against the novel coronavirus, will there be enough for everybody? A doctor in Tunisia is trying to make a difference for her patients suffering from sickle cell disease. And: How is Mali faring after the coup this past August?

The Steve Pomeranz Half Hour (Series)

Produced by The Steve Pomeranz Show

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My Last Commentary To You All

From The Steve Pomeranz Show | Part of the The Steve Pomeranz Half Hour series | 29:00


Episode 977:
Steve's Market Commentary:
My Last Commentary To You All
On this final show, I talk about some of the most important themes I have covered over these many years. Themes that may help you become a little wealthier and a little more financially secure.

How To Handle Investments In A Low-Yield Environment
With Christine Benz
With Christine Benz, Personal Finance Editor at Morningstar.com and author of The Morningstar Guide to Mutual Funds: Five Star Strategies for Success
It ain't easy out there to earn a decent amount of income from your investments. Industry veteran, Christine Benz of Morningstar and Steve discuss the best tips and advice to handle this low-yielding environment.