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Playlist: Shorts

Compiled By: Rose Weiss

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Travelers In The Night (Series)

Produced by Al Grauer

Most recent piece in this series:

551-Exploding Space Rocks

From Al Grauer | Part of the Travelers In The Night series | 02:00

Fireball-one-frame-july-24_2019_small Please see the transript.

Groks Science Radio Show (Series)

Produced by Charles Lee

Most recent piece in this series:

Strange Harvests -- Groks Science Show 2019-08-14

From Charles Lee | Part of the Groks Science Radio Show series | 16:19

Grokscience_small The natural world is filled with resources that are harvested without thought for the long term consequences.  Can we live sustainably with the environment?  On this episode, Edward Posnett discussed strange harvests.

Climate Connections (Series)

Produced by ChavoBart Digital Media

Most recent piece in this series:

Climate Connections August 12 - September 6, 2019

From ChavoBart Digital Media | Part of the Climate Connections series | 30:00

Ccyale_240_graybg_small Climate Connections is a 90-second daily (M-F) module that's produced in partnership with the Yale Center for Environmental Communication and hosted by Dr. Tony Leiserowitz. It covers the ways climate change is impacting our lives, and what diverse people and organizations are doing to reduce the associated risks. From energy to public health, from extreme weather to the economy, we’ll connect the dots and bring climate change “down to earth” for your listeners. This 4-week round includes the following pieces:

Air Date - Title

Mon., 8/12 - Military bases prepare for more extreme weather: Fort Hood is developing a renewable-powered microgrid system that could provide electricity even if the local grid goes down.

Tue., 8/13 - Yard signs show risks of sea-level rise: Artist Xavier Cortada wanted to get people talking about the problem.

Wed., 8/14 - East Coast vineyards face new climate challenges: Insect pests and increased rainfall are growing threats.

Thu., 8/15 - Young birds threatened as the Great Basin’s freshwater dries up: Millions of water birds migrate through the Western region every year.

Army Corps uses nature to help protect communities: Islands and reefs decrease the energy of waves, and wetlands can hold floodwater.

Mon., 8/19 - Friars start a sustainable farm: Their goal is to feed the poor and nurture the Earth.

Tue., 8/20 - Simple change to your thermostat saves energy: An agency in New York significantly cut its energy use with this strategy.

Wed., 8/21 - Rush for Arctic resources could pollute region: Shipping, fishing, and drilling opportunities are opening up as the ice melts.

Thu., 8/22 - U.S.-China Green Fund wants China to go green: And link Western green-tech startups to the country’s enormous market.


Fri., 8/23 - The soil scientist who paints with dirt: She wants people to understand that healthy soil is as important as clean air and water.

Mon., 8/26 - Some Texas residents are still recovering from Harvey: “You still have those communities in Southeast Texas that are hurting and are in desperate need of support.”

Tue., 8/27 - Daughter inspires family business to go solar: Today, solar powers the press at the printing business.

Wed., 8/28 - New Mexico could be the Saudi Arabia of wind: It could produce a huge amount of cheap electricity. But there’s a catch.

Thu., 8/29 - Tackling climate requires more than cutting carbon: Effective climate action also addresses social and economic inequality, says ICLEI USA director Angie Fyfe.

Fri., 8/30 - Garden aims to reduce food insecurity: Population growth and climate change could lead to more food insecurity around the world.

Mon., 9/2 - Algae could provide climate-friendly food and fuel: The newest farm bill offers support for algae growers.

Tue., 9/3 - Climate-friendly buildings can improve your health: Well-sealed buildings with natural light bolster health, performance, and profitability.

Wed., 9/4 - Don’t underestimate storm surge risk: It’s becoming a bigger danger with sea-level rise.     

Thu., 9/5 - Prof urges you to cut your lawn area in half: Adding plants, shrubs, and trees will store carbon and reduce mowing time.


Fri., 9/6 - Why climate change is a disability rights issue: Emergency plans don’t always account for everyone’s needs.