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Recent Pieces from Mat Kaplan

Caption: An artist’s impression of the Lucy trojan asteroid explorer, launching in late 2021 for Jupiter., Credit: NASA

The Next 10 Years: Continuing our Solar System Tour (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

Our look ahead at the near-future of solar system exploration continues with Mars, the giant outer worlds, and the smaller bodies that can be found throughout the neighborhood.
Caption: Artist’s impression of NASA’s VIPER (Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover), a planned robotic lunar rover that will prospect for natural lunar resources, especially water ice, within a permanently shadowed region near the lunar south pole., Credit: NASA Ames/Daniel Rutter

The Next 10 Years…An Introduction to the Decadal Survey (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

Six scientists give us a preview of where planetary science may be taken in the next 10 years by a new NASA decadal survey.
Caption: Artist's rendering of a 3D-printed habitat on Mars., Credit: NASA/Clouds AO/SEArch

Building Our Future on Mars (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

Civil engineer Peter Carrato believes we know how to use what’s available on Mars to build the human structures that will be needed by the first explorers, while Bill Nye ...
Caption: In a scene from Cosmos, astronauts, untethered and free to explore, make their descent to the moon of a possible world on a pioneering reconnaissance mission., Credit: Cosmos Studios

The Return of Cosmos and Ann Druyan (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

Cosmos has returned under the steady hand of Ann Druyan. We’ll talk with her about the third season of the television series and her companion book.
Caption: Astronomers Without Borders founder Mike Simmons, AWB National Coordinator for Nigeria Olayinka Fagbemiro and host Mat Kaplan after their conversation at the Planetary Society, Credit: Mat Kaplan/The Planetary Society

African Eyes Look to the Cosmos (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

The founder of Astronomers Without Borders brings the organization’s leader in Nigeria to the Planetary Radio microphones.
Caption: Artist's impression of newly-discovered exoplanet TOI 700 d that is in its star's habitable zone., Credit: NASA/GSFC

Another Goldilocks World and the Space Telescope That Discovered It (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

Another near Earth-sized planet has been found in the habitable zone around a distant star, discovered by a powerful space telescope named TESS.
Caption: This artist's concept depicts NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope in space much as it would appear at the end of its mission on January 30, 2020. The backdrop depicts the sky in infrared light much as Spitzer would have seen it early in its mission., Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/R. Hurt (IPAC)

A Great Space Observatory Goes Dark: The Legacy of Spitzer (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

Leaders of the just-ended Spitzer Space Telescope mission help us celebrate sixteen years of discoveries about our solar system, exoplanets and galaxies nearly as old as the ...
Caption: Jupiter and its Great Red Spot as seen by the Juno orbiter in 2019., Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Kevin M. Gill

Mighty Jupiter Revealed (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

Juno mission principal investigator Scott Bolton provides an enticing taste of the Jupiter orbiter’s mind-bending discoveries.
Caption: This mosaic image of asteroid Bennu is composed of 12 PolyCam images collected on Dec. 2 by the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft from a range of 15 miles (24 km)., Credit: NASA/Goddard/University of Arizona

The Coming Descent to Asteroid Bennu (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

OSIRIS-REx mission leader Dante Lauretta takes us to mysterious asteroid Bennu where a first sample collection site has been selected.
Caption: The MILO Institute was introduced at the 2018 International Astronautical Congress in Bremen., Credit: ASU/Antonio Stark

The MILO Institute: Opening the Solar System for Exploration by All (28:50)
From: Mat Kaplan

Planetary scientist Jim Bell and space entrepreneur Lon Levin are founders of a new non-profit that aims to make robotic space exploration much more achievable by ...