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Compiled By: Jeff Conner

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Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child (Series)

Produced by Bill Childs

Most recent piece in this series:

2020-03-29 Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child

From Bill Childs | Part of the Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child series | 55:16


1st set  
They Might Be Giants - It’s Spare the Rock
They Might Be Giants - I Just Want to Dance
Elizabeth Mitchell - Keep On the Su nny Side
Canciones, Raíces y Alas - El Vaquero
SaulPaul - Rise (in-studio)
Alastair Moock - Freight Train - the Story of Elizabeth Cotten
Elizabeth Cotten - Freight Train
fIREHOSE - In Memory of Elizabeth Cotten
[KUTX - Secret Agent 23 Skidoo - Monsters
[WJFF/KCMJ - Little Miss Ann - Can You Make a Circle
2nd set 
Quiet Company - Kindness
ID (prep to rock) 
TMBG - Don’t Spare the Rock!
Future Hits - Unusual Interests
The Boy Least Likely To - When Life Gives Me Lemons I Make Lemonade
123 Andres - Salta Salta
3rd set 
El Tule - Anthem
Rhett Miller - Ziggy Stardust
Lloyd H. Miller - Baldy
Red Yarn ft. Jazzy Ash - Did You Feed My Cow?
They Might Be Giants - So Crazy for Books
They Might Be Giants - Spare the Rock

Celtic Connections (Series)

Produced by WSIU

Most recent piece in this series:

The Best of Celtic Connections 1952

From WSIU | Part of the Celtic Connections series | 58:29


Brian Kelso Crow first visited Ireland 40 years ago and first experienced live performances by many legendary Celtic musicians. As we remember the life of Brian Kelso Crow we come full circle to the time that was such a great influence on him as he shares excerpts from his travel journal and the experiences that ultimately resulted in 25 years of Celtic Connections.

Celtic Connections offers radio listeners a wide variety of traditional and contemporary music associated with the western European lands occupied at one time or another by people of the Celtic tribes and their descendants, including Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Man, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, and Galicia, as well as Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and other parts of North America where the Celtic influence has been felt.

American Routes (Series)

Produced by American Routes

Most recent piece in this series:

Footlight Parade: Sounds of the American Musical (Series)

Produced by Footlight Parade

Most recent piece in this series:

Footlight Parade: Spotlight on Broadway's "Cinderella"

From Footlight Parade | Part of the Footlight Parade: Sounds of the American Musical series | 57:05

Fpspec_small A visit with Laura Osnes, the captivating star of Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical, and Ted Chapin, president of the R&H Organization.

Fugitive Waves (Series)

Produced by The Kitchen Sisters

Most recent piece in this series:

Burning Man — Archiving the Ephemeral

From The Kitchen Sisters | Part of the Fugitive Waves series | 18:58


On the night of Summer Solstice 1986, Larry Harvey and Jerry James built and burned an eight-foot wooden figure on San Francisco's Baker Beach surrounded by a handful of friends. Burning Man was born. 
This weekend, the 34th annual Burning Man gathering begins to assemble on a vast dry lake bed in Nevada's Black Rock Desert, the nomadic ritual's home since 1990. An estimated 80,000 people will come.   
How do you archive an event when one of it's driving principles is "leave no trace?" Where The Burning Man is in fact burned? What is being kept and who is keeping it? The Kitchen Sisters take a journey into the archives of this legendary gathering to find out.

The Sundilla Radio Hour (Series)

Produced by Sundilla

Most recent piece in this series:

The Sundilla Radio Hour #362

From Sundilla | Part of the The Sundilla Radio Hour series | 59:00

Dsc_0704-150x150_medium_small The Sundilla Radio Hour for the week of 03/23/2020.

Rockin' in the Days of Confusion (Series)

Produced by Stephen R Webb

Most recent piece in this series:

DC 2013

From Stephen R Webb | Part of the Rockin' in the Days of Confusion series | 59:00

DC 2013
Stephen R Webb

Journey_small This time around we have a long journey through the early 70s, one year at a time, that includes a track from the mostly instrumental first Journey album, a track by the Band featuring a guest appearance from Bob Dylan, and a seldom heard Firesign Theatre bit from 1974. See http://thehermitrambles.blogspot.com/for complete playlist.

WoodSongs (Series)

Produced by WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour

Most recent piece in this series:

WoodSongs 1005: Bill and the Belles and Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike

From WoodSongs Old-Time Radio Hour | Part of the WoodSongs series | 59:00


BILL AND THE BELLES have captured the freewheeling, lighthearted approach to music that has endeared them to listeners of every generation. With a spirited sound that falls somewhere between old-time country and vaudeville, the group puts its own spin on a golden era of music, specifically the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s. The band’s latest singles mark a new chapter for the Johnson City, TN-based stringband: a bigger, moodier, more decade-ambiguous American sound. 
VALERIE SMITH & LIBERTY PIKE  have developed a unique style and sound that has rocked the bluegrass world for almost two decades with a string of national and international tours, critically acclaimed recordings, and Grammy, IBMA and Dove Award nominations. Originally from Missouri and now based in Bell Buckle, Tennessee, Val's vocals are impressive. She has a staggeringly expansive range and the ability to portray an amazing array of emotion.  Her East Coast-based band, Liberty Pike featuring legendary Hall of Famer , Tom Gray on bass, are consistent audience pleasers and skilled musicians. The band’s latest release is ‘Small Town Heroes.’
WoodSongs Kid: Grace Koch is a sixteen-year-old blues musician from Fort Collins, Colorado.

Audio Aftermath Radio (Series)

Produced by Dan Wardlow

Most recent piece in this series:

Audio Aftermath Radio Episode 1

From Dan Wardlow | Part of the Audio Aftermath Radio series | 59:51

Aar1_small In this episode we’ll hear some San Francisco bands from the summer of love, Mick Jagger singing on a somewhat obscure film soundtrack, and a solemn dirge from Procol Harum.

Early Music Now with Sara Schneider (Series)

Produced by The WFMT Radio Network

Most recent piece in this series:

EMN 19-41: Song and Dance at the Imperial Court, 3/30/2020

From The WFMT Radio Network | Part of the Early Music Now with Sara Schneider series | 58:30

Emn_turquoise_small The centerpiece of this week's show is a 2019 release from Per-Sonat and Sabine Lutzenberger celebrating the superb music at the court of Emperor Maximilian I. We'll hear songs by Ludwig Senfl and Heinrich Isaac, and dances collected by the emperor's daughter, Duchess Margaret of Austria. We'll also hear the Tallis Scholars perform Optime Pastor, a motet composed for a meeting between Pope Leo X and Maximilian's chancellor.

Folk Alley (Series)

Produced by FreshGrass Foundation

Most recent piece in this series:

Folk Alley #200326

From FreshGrass Foundation | Part of the Folk Alley series | 01:57:56

Fars_logo_191026_240_small This week on Folk Alley, join Elena See for new music from Willie Nelson, Mark Erelli, the Asheville, NC progressive bluegrass quintet, Fireside Collective, Justin Moses, Puss N Boots, and a set from banjoist Danny Barnes' new album Man on Fire; plus favorites from Wilco, Lori McKenna, Joni Mitchell, and more.

In hour two, new music from Western Centuries, Gretchen Peters, Katie Pruitt, and Tre Burt; some blues from Jorma Kaukonen and Blind Boy Fuller; plus favorites from John Craigie, Jeff Black, The Holy Modal Rounders, and more.

Beale Street Caravan (Series)

Produced by Beale Street Caravan

Most recent piece in this series:

#2422 - Lucky 7 Brass Band

From Beale Street Caravan | Part of the Beale Street Caravan series | 58:30


This week on Beale Street Caravan we have the energetic sounds of the Lucky 7 Brass Band. 

Grammy nominated blues man, Guy Davis, will be with us to deliver an installment of the Blues Hall of Fame, an exploration of the lives of the pioneers and innovators enshrined in the Blues Hall of Fame, here in Memphis, TN, brought to you by the Blues Foundation.