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Caption: A New Icon for DC, Credit: Brandon Bloch

DC Love (04:16)
From: Emily Berman

“Just because you’re a tourist for a moment doesn’t mean you’ve lost your taste and concept of fashion.” The state of DC tourist paraphernalia. Why it's so, so bad, and what ...
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Dam Radio Story (11:23)
From: Salt Institute for Documentary Studies

The story of one man's quest to harness the power of the tide, and why now, nearly 100 years later, the quest continues.
Caption: Lou takes a break., Credit: photograph by David Foster

Lou, the Crossing Guide (06:56)
From: Salt Institute for Documentary Studies

Portrait of Lou Alexander, a crossing guide in Portland, Maine
Caption: "Light Depth" Sam Gilliam, 1969, Credit: Corcoran Gallery of Art

Washington Color and Light (04:27)
From: Emily Berman

What's the deal with abstract art, anyway?
Caption: The NSA Headquarters on Fort Meade, Anne Arundel County, MD, Credit: National Security Agency Website

Fort Meade: Behind the Gates (04:54)
From: Emily Berman

What's really going on at Fort Meade?