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Caption: Students eat lunch at University Hill Elementary School in Boulder

The ABC's of School Lunch (04:22)
From: Grace Hood

In recent decades, convenience foods have trumped nutrition in school cafeterias across the country. But one Colorado district is bucking the trend, bringing the ABC’s of ...
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School Lessons: Columbine 10th Anniversary (06:01)
From: Grace Hood

A former teacher and student reflect on the 10th anniversary of Columbine.
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Risk Communications Expert Criticizes Government Response to Swine Flu (04:05)
From: Grace Hood

Communicating the risks of H1N1 or any public health threat can be tricky – and Peter Sandman would know. The New Jersey-based communications expert has helped the World ...
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Colorado Meth Project Launches, Gets Mixed Response (04:30)
From: Grace Hood

A graphic advertising campaign with anti-methamphetamine messages came to Colorado in May. It's part of a multi-year advertising campaign that’s partially funded with federal ...
Caption: Bear Lake, Credit: Rocky Mountain National Park

National Parks Prepare for New Handgun Law (04:31)
From: Grace Hood

Earlier this year, Congress passed a law legalizing concealed and openly carried handguns in national parks. That law doesn’t go into effect until next year. But as Grace ...