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Caption: A Morchidate preaches to a group at the Moulay Abdullah Oncology Hospital, Credit: Sarah Kramer

Moroccan Morchidates (03:55)
From: Sarah Kramer

Morocco's King Mohammed VI has a new approach for countering Islamic extremism in his country: Female Preachers.
Caption: Moroccan graduates protest unemployment, Credit: Sarah Kramer

Morocco's Educated Unemployed (05:21)
From: Sarah Kramer

Thousands of young people in Morocco proudly hold Masters and PHD degrees. What they don't have are jobs...
Caption: A grrb with his wares., Credit: Sarah K. Kramer

Grrb: The Water seller (03:40)
From: Sarah Kramer

A sound portrait of a Moroccan "Grrb," a water seller.
Caption: Dr. Ramin Asgary

Proving Persecution (06:05)
From: Sarah Kramer

Each year, tens of thousands of people fleeing war and persecution make their way to the United States and ask for asylum. But before they're allowed to stay, they have to ...
Caption: PRX default Piece image

The Kids Are Listening (04:04)
From: Sarah Kramer

What do kids think about the Patriot Act? How do they think government should protect citizens? We sought out youth from New York City to find out. This piece was the winner ...