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Caption: Abby Carlson, Credit: Photo by Guy Hand

Farm To Fork Dinners Deliver More Than Food (06:06)
From: Guy Hand

An evening at a farm to fork dinner delivers more than a good meal.
Caption: Dr. Esmaeil Fallahi, Credit: Photo by Guy Hand

A White Flag of Fruit (05:30)
From: Guy Hand

An Iranian fruit expert moves to rural Idaho with an offering of his homelands agricultural diversity.
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The Arugula Wars: Food as partisan politics (05:54)
From: Guy Hand

(Note: This story has a Thanksgiving hook.) A humorous look at the partisan fight over food.
Caption: Students at butchery class in Hailey, Idaho, Credit: Paulette Phlipot

Butchery Classes for Conscientious Carnivores (05:41)
From: Guy Hand

Butchery classes are growing in popularity nationwide.
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Animal Cruelty in Agriculture (05:55)
From: Guy Hand

[HOST INTRO] The ethical treatment of farm animals is a growing concern for many Americans. And that puts states with relatively few animal cruelty laws, like Idaho, in the ...