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Caption: Gloria Lowe instructs her apprentice, Travis Rushon., Credit: Amanda Le Claire

Work in Progress (17:50)
From: Zak Rosen

How Detroiters are reimagining, redefining, and reconsidering what it means to work in the 21st century.
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Detroit's Floating Post Office (02:52)
From: Zak Rosen

On the banks of the Detroit River, sits the J.W. Westcott. The ship is only 45 feet long. But believe it or not, it has its own zip code. Since 1874, the J.W. Westcott ...
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On the Rise Bakery (07:11)
From: World Vision Report

Detroit’s image is pretty tarnished these days. Car factories are closed. Unemployment is through the roof -- as high as 50% according to some officials. So it might come as ...
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Getting Full For Free: Dumpster Diving in the D (05:07)
From: Zak Rosen

Detroiter Jean Wilson takes us to one of her favorite organic markets. Well, actually, to a dumpster behind the market .
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Brooklyn, NY: Change Happens (53:53)
From: Al Letson

Brooklyn is New York's most populous borough. Ever evolving, Brooklyn has been celebrated as everything from a bastion of industry to a refuge for immigrants from around the ...