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Haiti's Dark Secret: The Restavecs (12:57)
From: Rachel Leventhal

Josimene is ten years old. She is one of Haiti's 300,000 restavecs, or child slaves. While her parents were promised she'd be educated if they sent her to the city, her days ...

About Me

Rachel Leventhal is a writer, multimedia producer, and photographer whose
stories explore the themes of human rights and sustainability. She's been a
contributor to NPR, a VideoJournalist for NYT Television, and has written and
produced multimedia stories for the New York Times along with other international publications. Rachel has interviewed female child soldiers in Liberia, protesters in Tibet and, with support from the Soros Foundation, has collaborated over a ten year period with incarcerated mothers in creating audio/visual scrapbooks about their lives.

Her story, "Searching for Farming's Future in its Past," won a Best Documentary award at the 2008 Third Coast International Audio Festival. Originally produced for NRDC's OnEarth Magazine, it was the first podcast ever to win a TCIAF award in any category.

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Rachel is currently available for new projects and is available to travel Internationally.


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