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Recent Pieces from Adrian Vilaca

Caption: From Water To Water: A Way Through The Trees, Credit: Bonnie Devine & Mariah Meawasige

s3.e8. The Lakes Sing A River Song (58:31)
From: Adrian Vilaca

The many magnificent rivers that flow into the Great Lakes bring life and harmony to the entire watershed, but now under more than a century of industrial stress the song ...
Caption: M'shiikenh, Credit: Mishiikenh Kwe

s3.e7. Turtle Island (58:30)
From: Adrian Vilaca

The story of Turtle Island, a symbol of life and earth, passed down through generations among Indigenous nations, usually acts as a creation story, and home to the North ...
Caption: The Fisherman, Credit: John Hornstein

s3.e6. Water: At What Price? (58:31)
From: Adrian Vilaca

Fresh water for drinking, swimming and fishing is at risk when the relationship with the Great Lakes environment is determined by short term strategies, politics, prices and ...
Caption: Sault Ste. Marie Waterfront, Credit: Amy Williams

s3.e5. Connecting With Canals & Bridges (58:32)
From: Adrian Vilaca

Ideas that build cities require connections that build relationships. Canals and bridges are means that bring the peoples and stewards of the Great Lakes region together.
Caption: The Water Walker, Credit: Joanne Robertson

s3.e4...And Water For All (58:31)
From: Adrian Vilaca

Safe drinking water is a common right of humanity as part and parcel of a healthy environment. Champions for the Great Lakes are in an existential battle to protect the ...
Caption: Vegetables, Credit: Monica Vaes

s3.e3. A Tasty Stew of Culture (58:30)
From: Adrian Vilaca

The Great Lakes Basin is the cultural bowl in which a tasty stew is served - a savory dish of mixed origins, each ingredient flavored and enriched by those around them.
Caption: The Fugiitve's Son, Credit: G. Thomas

s3.e2.Underground Railroad (58:30)
From: Adrian Vilaca

Escaping for the north terminus to freedom, African American slaves of the mid 1800s risked their lives on the Underground Railroad to reach the safety of the Great Lakes basin.
Caption: Carpet Of Light, Credit: Dr. Roberta Bondar

s3.e1.Paleoclimate (58:32)
From: Adrian Vilaca

The Great Lakes origins live in the ancient past and the coldest times. Traveling through thousands of years to today, the Odyssey finds itself navigating uncharted waters.
Caption: Teo Beer & Brewery, Credit: Adriano

s2.e10.Beer & Brewing On The Great Lakes (58:00)
From: Adrian Vilaca

Each region's cultural history is shaped by its character and ecosystem. Hundreds of breweries on the Great Lakes tap into this natural-resource jackpot, each of them ...
Caption: Resilience, Credit: Juss Kaur

s2.e8. Growing Our HOMES (58:00)
From: Adrian Vilaca

We don’t live on the land or by the Lakes - we live with them. How do we grow in relationship to all the beings with whom we share space?