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News In Context: Contextualizing Information, w/John Zipperer (29:28)
From: Gina Baleria

Gina sits down with John Zipperer, Vice President of Editorial at The Commonwealth Club of California, to discuss the importance of contextualizing news to help better inform ...
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News In Context: News Coverage of COVID-19, with Ed Beebout & Anne Belden (29:30)
From: Gina Baleria

In this episode, we explore how the news media is doing in covering COVID-19 – including the responses of public officials… the data on infections and deaths… and the deeper ...
Caption: Logo: News In Context, Credit: Joyce Cheng

Barry Thomas on Race & Social Justice in the U.S. (29:30)
From: Gina Baleria

In this episode. We explore America’s ongoing and persistent issues when it comes to race and social justice... in particular holding a mirror up to all of us in the U.S. … ...

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