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Principal Dancer (18:34)
From: Felix Poon

John Lam is the first Vietnamese American male principal dancer, and the most senior dancer with the Boston Ballet. He has a loving husband and two sons, and gushes about ...
Caption: Cover Art by Lisa Wool-Rim Sjöblom

Life in the Age of Coronavirus (18:01)
From: Felix Poon

What’s changed because of the pandemic? And how is it different for different people? In this first episode of the Felixity podcast, I talk to a few people to find out—a ...
Caption: Freight farm crops absorb water and nutrients from a system of pumps, yielding the equivalent of an acre's worth of leafy greens without the use of even a single grain of soil.

A Return to Roots (04:21)
From: Felix Poon

Kathy Peterson quit her job as a political science lecturer to return to grassroots social justice work. But she never expected the place she’d end up—inside a freight farm.
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The Feminist Case for Joining a Men's Group (13:11)
From: Felix Poon

What is an anti-sexist men’s group? And, if I’m a man who identifies as progressive with feminist values, isn’t that enough? What do I need a group for? I explore these ...