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Caption: Installing battery in Sterling

Batteries Save the Day (28:00)
From: Wendy Ring

A story of 3 towns who find that storing solar energy in giant batteries is cheaper and safer than power plants.
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A Lungful of Diesel Exhaust is No Way to Start the School Day (28:00)
From: Wendy Ring

Our aging US fleet of diesel school buses exposes kids to toxic fumes, inside and out. Twin Rivers Unified School District is one of the first in the country to replace their ...
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Rising Green From the Ashes (28:00)
From: Wendy Ring

Wildfire victims rebuild all solar, all electric homes with help from their community energy program. Hear one family's story, learn what makes a home zero carbon and find ...
Caption: Half empty lot on Black Friday, Credit: Strong Towns

People Over Parking Lots (27:59)
From: Wendy Ring

Fayetteville Arkansas and Buffalo NY stopped requiring off-street parking and found that walkable shopping districts boost local business. Its something any town can do.