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Caption: Brick with Film Director Dan Algrant

Music from Films and a Chat with Director Dan Algrant (53:59)
From: WNIN

Brick met with noted film director Dan Algrant (Greetings From Tim Buckley) and talked film music. Algrant divulges his favorite song and Paul Newman's favorite curse word ...
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Torch Songs? Breakup Songs? Let's Get Sad! (53:59)
From: WNIN

Brick plays, as promised, a show of break up songs. Well, that was the idea anyway! A listener's email reminded him of the promise to do so!
Caption: Brick with Sierra Hull at the ROMP Festival

Backstage at the International Bluegrass Music Museum with Sierra Hull (53:58)
From: WNIN

Brick had the pleasure of chatting with Sierra Hull moments before she took the stage at the International Bluegrass Music Museum.
Caption: Brick interviewing Jake Luppen of Hippo Campus

A Chat with Hippo Campus (53:59)
From: WNIN

Brick met up with the boys from Hippo Campus when they played outside of Cincinnati. He chatted with lead singer Jake Luppen and drummer Whistler Allen and found out a bit ...
Caption: Brick with Adam Duritz in NYC

Hanging at the Outlaw Roadshow with Adam Duritz (53:58)
From: WNIN

Brick had a chance to discuss The Outlaw Roadshow and Counting Crows with Adam Duritz in NYC. Plus you'll hear great tracks from bands that played the Outlaw Roadshow in ...