Matthew Fidler

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Vertical Farming: Food for the future. (28:00)
From: Matthew Fidler

Matt Fidler and Dr. Despommier of Columbia University in New York talk about his new concept of Vertical Farming. That is, growing our food in a sustainable way, indoors, in ...
Caption: Apollo 11 back up crew members Fred Haise (left) and Jim Lovell prepare for an altitude test in the lunar module preparing for Apollo 11.

Apollo 11 at 50: a conversation with Apollo 11 backup astronaut Fred Haise and space historian Jo... (59:00)
From: North State Public Radio

Fred Haise was made famous by the movie Apollo 13, in which he was portrayed by Bill Paxton in the story of the most famous Apollo mission other than Apollo 11. But he was ...
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Series Launching on September 30th - California Burning 30s Promo (:30)
From: North State Public Radio

Generic 30 second promo for the 5 part series - California Burning
Caption: Margo Robbins

California Burning: News Feature 2 - Native Intelligence (03:54)
From: North State Public Radio

Take a journey to the Yurok Indian Reservation in the Klamath River in Northern California to learn how the Native Californians used fire to groom their forested land to ...
Caption: The Carr Fire burn scar

California Burning: News Feature 5 - BioChar (03:55)
From: North State Public Radio

Forests in California are owned by a wide variety of public and private entities - big and small. But what one owner does with his or her property can effect others - ...