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Little Opera: Behind the scenes of a children’s theater company (09:35)
From: KALW

Little Opera is an after-school program that leads local children through the creation and performance of an original opera. This past year, the program's third season, kids ...
Caption: Our tour guide: Christopher Verdosi, assistant costume director, Credit: David Boyer

Fashion and drama at San Francisco Opera's Costume Sale (07:58)
From: KALW

San Francisco seems to jump at any excuse to throw off daily wear in favor of something more theatrical. That explains why around 2500 people showed up for the recent San ...
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A class for dancers with big dreams, and leg warmers (06:09)
From: KALW

On Sunday mornings in the Castro neighborhood, there’s a place where rhythm reigns. Dancers pull out their leg warmers, spandex and fluorescent headbands for Sunday Skool—and ...