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Caption: Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra rehearsing , Credit: Sarah Elzas

Kinshasa orchestra (08:12)
From: Sarah Elzas

Classical music in the Congo
Caption: Emmanuel Carbonne (L) and Christophe Lesoin (R) in their cheese maturing cellar, Credit:

Jobs Made in France: Cheese aeger (03:55)
From: Sarah Elzas

What’s more French than cheese? Some French cheese shops have a 'cave d’affinage', a maturing cellar, so their cheeses ripen in the best possible conditions.
Caption: Dominique Zanardi shows a wall of shells he has collected, Credit: Sarah Elzas

Remembering WWI by recreating the trenches (03:55)
From: Sarah Elzas

Le Tommy, in the heart of the Somme battlefields, is more than a restaurant. It has a museum of WWI objects and life-sized replicas of trenches outside.
Caption: Antoine Pecqueur, French bassoonist, Credit: Mathieu Sautel

Jobs Made in France: French (not German!) bassoonist (04:45)
From: Sarah Elzas

The bassoon, the largest woodwind instrument, has a split identity: most bassoonists play German instruments but France has its own. The instruments are made with different ...
Caption: Agnès Navalho in her mobile writing office, Credit: Sarah Elzas

Jobs Made in France: Scribe (03:56)
From: Sarah Elzas

Scribes have been around for as long as writing has existed. Although France has a nearly 100 percent literacy rate, the practice of 'ecrivain public' has been coming back: a ...

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