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Recent Pieces from Guy Rathbun

Caption: Adalaide Hall

Phrasing (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

It’s easy to overlook the skill that goes into the art of good phrasing in jazz. The challenge for the vocalist or instrumentalist is to have creative expression, emotion, ...
Caption: Khyati Joshi

White Christian Privilege (29:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

America holds the promise of religious freedom. The US is recognized as the most religiously diverse country in the world. In reality, though, Christian views and values are ...
Caption: Fletcher Henderson Orchestra

Black Kings of Swing (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

More than a decade before the Big Band Era of 1936, there was big band jazz, and they brought swing to their music. Fletcher Henderson, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong set ...
Caption: Kyle Harper

Plagues Upon the Earth (29:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

They’re rooted deeply in our global past. Germs. They’ve always been with us. It’s our wealth, health, power and inequity that determine how well we endure the effects of ...
Caption: Louis Armstrong

It Sounds So Easy (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

Improvisation is an inseparable part of jazz. The idea is that a musician takes the melody and embellishes the structure. It’s very much like composition on the fly. Although ...
Caption: Leonard Rubenstein

Perilous Medicine (29:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

It’s a horrific common occurrence in war. Especially modern warfare. Hospitals and health care facilities are relentlessly under attack, and health care workers die. The ...
Caption: Lovie Austin

Serenaders and Syncopators (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

1920s Chicago South Side featured an abundance of talented musicians. Although mostly forgotten today, even among jazz buffs, is Cara Taylor. Her performance moniker is ...
Caption: Edward J. Watts

The Eternal Decline and Fall of Rome: The History of a Dangerous Idea (29:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

We’re hearing a lot of rhetoric about the decline of American society. Politicians cloak themselves in the need for a renewal to an America of the past. Some even say that ...
Caption: Dick Coy & his Racketeers, Credit: Genette Records

Sideshow (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

The program features musicians you may have never heard. Although very good, they were mostly territorial. That is, for whatever reason, they chose to stay close to home. ...
Caption: Dr. Heather Hurwitz

Are We the 99%: The Occupy Movement, Feminism and Intersectionality (29:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

The Occupy movement of 2011 was thought to be unified. Although it created a foundation for future actions, the movement did perpetuate status-quo structures of inequality. ...