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Recent Pieces from Guy Rathbun

Caption: Dr. Brad Onishi

Preparing for War (28:59)
From: Guy Rathbun

The riot at the US Capitol in January 2021 was not a blip or an aberration. In the thinking of Dr. Bradley Onishi and others, it was the logical outcome of years of a ...
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Small Labels (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

As the decades of the 1920 began, so did a plethora of brand-new small label recording studios. They, indeed, grabbed the attention of jazz musicians. The impact of the small ...
Caption: Dr. Felicia Kornbluh

A Woman's Life is a Human Life (28:59)
From: Guy Rathbun

Some now refer to a post-Roe reality. What they’re saying is the battle for reproductive rights has shifted back to individual states. Déjà vu. Also known as pre-Roe.
Caption: Jimmy McPartland

The Pugilist (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

When Cornetist Jimmy McPartland was growing up in west side Chicago, He was constantly finding he was at odds with the law. He says, if it wasn’t for siren call of jazz, he ...
Caption: Ma Rainey

Hear Me Talkin’ to Ya (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

Hear Me Talkin’ to Ya is the title of a 1920s song written by Ma Rainey. It is also a book by Nat Hentoff and Nat Shapiro that tells stories from the voices of the jazz ...
Caption: Zutty Singleton

Quoting in Rhythm (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

One way to truly enjoy the earliest days of jazz is to hear directly from the musicians themselves. Only they can tell the story as it really was.
Caption: Bunny Berigan

Lost Chords part 2 (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

The first glimmer that there was something new in the world of music became apparent in the deep south. It was long before Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke. It wasn’t even ...
Caption: 1920s Christmas Wish

Christmas with the Club (58:57)
From: Guy Rathbun

Despite being one hundred years old, this is a very similar scene to what we experience today. In her research, author Betty Owens discovered that some of the elements of ...
Caption: Frank Kalman w/daughter Cali

End Kids Cancer (29:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

Nearly 30-years ago the Committee on Pesticides in the Diets of Infants and Children released a new study. Not surprising, they found an abundance of toxic chemicals. They ...
Caption: Adrian Rollini

Lost Chords part 1 (59:00)
From: Guy Rathbun

In the early 1990s, jazz trumpet Richard Sudhalter decided he needed to correct, what he perceived as a historical error: that the White jazz musicians of the 1920s were ...