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Encore Presentation of Tin Roof Project featuring Janis Kearney (29:30)
From: Paula Morell

It's our encore presentation of our Tin Roof Project featuring Presidential Diarist Janis Kearney, reading her true story about her childhood in rural Arkansas.
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Tales from the South 101: Great Expectations (29:00)
From: Paula Morell

On this week's show, our writers all grapple with expectations of others or themselves. Stories by Martin Ferguson, Anne Owings Wilson, and Richard Wheeler. True stories told ...
Caption: Mike Noland on Tales from the South

Tales from the South 105: Embarrassing Moments (29:00)
From: Paula Morell

This week our writers take us back to one of their most embarrassing moments. Stories by Mike Noland, Anne Perry, and Jimmie Meese Moomaw. True stories told by the ...
Caption: Leslie Hitt on Tales from the South

Tales from the South 110: Deception (32:50)
From: Paula Morell

This week our writers are all caught up in the tangled web of deception as they struggle to hold onto what's honest and true. Stories by Denise Stafford, Jill Duvall, and ...
Caption: Jim Frey reads "Prism Riot"

Tales from the South 111: Assumptions (29:00)
From: Paula Morell

This week's stories are about assumptions-- and we all know what happens when people make them. Stories by Kay Brockwell, Jim Frey, and Patrice Melnick. Southern-style ...