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Caption: I'm Thinking...
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Elephants - 6 Minutes of Fact and Story (07:06)
From: Paul Messing

Basic facts and about elephants from Carol Buckley, founder of The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, plus a personal elephant story from NY Times bestelling author Susan ...
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On Seeing a Porcupine (01:53)
From: Paul Messing

Animal Communicator David Louis relates a story about his unexpected interaction with a porcupine.
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On Being Thankful - for Cancer & for a Cat (04:39)
From: Paul Messing

Two beautiful Thanksgiving stories from NY Times Bestseller Susan Chernak McElroy 4:39
Caption: The Mystical Mantis, Credit: Paul Messing

On Insects and Humility (04:44)
From: Paul Messing

NY Times bestselling author Susan Chernak McElroy interviews Joanne Lauck, author of "The Voice of the Infinite in the Small: Revisioning the Insect-Human Connection."
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Be With Me (02:03)
From: Paul Messing

Our companion animals become ill - they die - a loss on so many levels. David speaks about his experiences with old or ill animals, and his impressions on what they need ...

About Me

Bio: Paul Messing (Composer, Artist, Producer) has been writing and editing original audio, visual and musical productions for more than 40 years. After graduating from Philadelphia's University of the Arts in 1970 he became Production Director at WMMR-FM in Philadelphia (1970 - 1971).

In 1972, he became Vice President/Creative Director of Radio Band of America, a creative audio production facility in New York City known for use of humor, music and unusual studio techniques. For the next
ten years, he wrote and produced hundreds of radio advertising campaigns and TV music scores, working directly with national advertising agencies and top New York and national musicians, actors, singers and writers.
His work was recognized on an international level, winning more than 50 CLIO awards, including 10 gold statuettes by 1981.

By 1995, He had spent 10 years collaborating with Czech animator and filmmaker Paul Fierlinger as script consultant, composer, sound designer, and audio producer. This work involved the writing and production of many short animated films, including segments for Sesame Street, and culminating in the production of the American Playhouse one hour animated autobiographical film, "Drawn From Memory" (premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and broadcast on PBS in October, 1995).

After moving to Bloomington, Indiana, in 1998, he became affiliated with Indiana University's Department of Radio and Television Services, providing original music scores for documentaries and acting as creative consultant and sound designer/composer for special projects involving both traditional and interactive technology. He has also developed and produced radio programming for WFIU-FM, the University-owned and operated public radio station and NPR affiliate for South central Indiana.

He is available for collaboration on new projects, and continues development of his radio pilot about our relationships with animals and the natural world. ("For Kindred Spirits," available on PRX)

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Paul is currently available for new projects, has a car, and is available to travel In state/province.


  • Editing
  • Social Networking Knowledge
  • Music Consulting
  • Writing
  • Producing: Music and Performance Programs
  • composer
  • Podcast Production: High
  • and Creative collaboration

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