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  • Host/Executive Producer of Sea Change Radio
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Recent Pieces from Alex Wise

Caption: John Stoehr

John Stoehr: Betting On Biden (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Sometimes it seems as though Democrats are more determined to "fall in love" than to win elections. Lately I've been hearing, from both pundits and friends, that Joe Biden is ...
Caption: Chris Nelder

Chris Nelder on Energy Transitions (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

The transition from fossil fuels to a cleaner energy future is perhaps the most important human adaptation of our lifetime. This week on Sea Change Radio, we speak with Chris ...
Caption: Jacob Vigdor

Jacob Vigdor: College Admissions Quandries (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Whether it be standardized testing, grades, extracurricular activities or personal essays, the question of how to level the playing field in education is quite a challenge. ...
Caption: Daniel Kammen

Daniel Kammen: The Perils of Deep-Sea Mining (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Most of us have never been there but according to a quick Google search, some of the things you might see at the bottom of the ocean include sea spiders, tube worms, and ...
Caption: Darren Samuelsohn

Darren Samuelsohn: Untangling Trump’s Trials (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

The self-proclaimed “greatest country on earth” is in an unfathomable position. Heavily favored to win the Republican Party’s nomination for president is a man found guilty ...
Caption: Bob Berwyn

Bob Berwyn of Inside Climate News on COP28 (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

COP28, or the 28th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Climate Change Conference, took place recently in the United Arab Emirates. With ...
Caption: Lauren Kim

Lauren Kim: Young Evangelicals for Climate Action (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

A study from 2022 found that people who identified as non-religious or atheist were more likely to identify as pro-environment, as compared with religious people who tended ...
Caption: Christine Yoo

Christine Yoo: 26.2 To Life (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

For many of us, the holiday season presents an opportunity to spend some time thinking about people less fortunate than ourselves. This week on Sea Change Radio, we spotlight ...
Caption: Matt Simon

Matt Simon on Microplastics, Pt. 2 (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Last week on Sea Change Radio, we learned that the plastics industry plans to triple production in the next 40 years, reaching 3 trillion pounds of plastic a year by 2060. ...
Caption: Matt Simon

Matt Simon on Microplastics, Pt. 1 (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Look around you: at this very moment, chances are that within a one-foot radius of your body, there’s something plastic. The ubiquity of plastic comes with a steep cost, ...