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  • Host/Executive Producer of Sea Change Radio
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Recent Pieces from Alex Wise

Caption: Nicole Taylor

Nicole Taylor of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

This past year has been trying for everyone, with the economically vulnerable particularly hard hit. In a heartening turn, there has been an uptick in both volunteering and ...
Caption: Sharman Russell

Within Our Grasp: Sharman Apt Russell on Childhood Malnutrition (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

As Anne Frank wrote in her diary, “hunger is not a problem, it is an obscenity.” This week on Sea Change Radio, we speak to author Sharman Apt Russell about her book entitled ...
Caption: John Englander

John Englander: Moving To Higher Ground (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Summer is nearly upon us. The next time you’re at the beach, gazing upon the blue horizon, take a moment to contemplate the depths of the sea, and the ways that the ocean is ...
Caption: Rebecca Leber

Rebecca Leber: A Green New Infrastructure Deal? (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

Infrastructure is sort of the unsung hero of a functioning society. It’s hard to get across town without a reliable road, hard to keep people healthy without clean drinking ...
Caption: Nithin Coca

Nithin Coca: Indonesian Coal Crisis (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

We often associate coal consumption with China and India, countries that have indeed invested heavily into the harmful fuel but flying under the radar is Indonesia, the ...
Caption: Megan Milliken Biven

Megan Milliken Biven proposes an Abandoned Well Administration (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

For over a hundred years, American land and waters have been tapped for that dark and viscous substance that has propelled our economy and generated the climate crisis. But ...
Caption: Tim Dickinson

Tim Dickinson of Rolling Stone: Anti-Vaxxer Factor (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

For many of us, the increasing availability of Covid vaccinations glows brightly, a light at the end of what has been a long and dreary tunnel. For others, however, that ...
Caption: Alex Gilbert

Alex Gilbert on the Texas Blackouts (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

All eyes have been on the Lone Star State recently, watching the grim and undeniable impact of climate change on a population completely unprepared. This week on Sea Change ...
Caption: Raz

FloWater: An Answer To Our Plastic Bottle Woes? (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

In the 1990s, I recall my grandfather remarking upon the new ubiquity of plastic water bottles, “When did everybody get so thirsty all of a sudden?” Indeed, plastic bottles ...
Caption: Steve Phillips

Steve Phillips: Lessons From 2020 Election (29:00)
From: Alex Wise

The new American majority is multiracial, multicultural, and progressive, and our guest today is working to make sure that it also has a powerful voice in shaping the future ...