Jim Burress

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Recent Pieces from Jim Burress

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Stuck in the Bluff (29:00)
From: Making Contact

WABE reporter Jim Burress takes us to ‘The Bluff’, a neighborhood in Atlanta where a needle exchange program has become a vital part of a struggling community. Although ...
Caption: New York Skyline., Credit: Image courtesy of Flickr user Sev!.

Distillations Episode 110: Essential Elements - Air (13:18)
From: Distillations

We continue our 4-part series about earth, air, water, and fire. This episode is about air and how the gases in it have been changing ever since Day One.
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Distillations Episode 81: Light (11:57)
From: Distillations

We learn about solar power, the history of light bulbs, and seasonal affective disorder.