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WFAE 90.7fm is the National Public Radio and Public Radio International affiliate station serving Charlotte, N.C., and the Central Piedmont area. In fact, the station's 100,000-watt signal reaches 22 counties in North and South Carolina, and, together with sister station WFHE 90.3fm in nearby Hickory, the station provides this region with news and entertainment programming. Founded in 1981 as part of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, WFAE 90.7fm today is an independent, public radio station. WFAE 90.7fm is a non-profit organization and is partially supported through its membership base and corporate underwriters. Active in the community, WFAE 90.7fm has sponsored a wide range of special events throughout the years, from elegant art exhibits to the excitement of a steeplechase, from outdoor summer symphonies to educational seminars. The bottom line is this: If we think you'll like it, then we try to bring it to you. Our programming includes more than 20 NPR® and PRI programs heard around the country as well as local news and talk shows about issues that touch the community. So tune in to WFAE 90.7fm for news, talk, entertainment and music. You're sure to like our style.


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In North Carolina, it seems the politicians choose the voters, rather than the other way around.

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Efforts by states to make democracy more convenient have made little difference in voter turnout.

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