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Left, Right & Center is KCRW’s show where we take on all the political issues -- even the complicated ones that might divide your own family.

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Exploring what it means to live a good life.

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Introduce children to classical music in a fun and entertaining way.

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The quest to discover the eternal mystery at the Heart of Turtle Island.

  • From: Adrian Vilaca
  • Updated: Jan 18, 2024
  • Avg Piece Length: 58:09
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The Hip Hop Chronicles is a two-hour public radio program that blends hip hop culture, history, and current events with music from the 70's, 80's, 90’s, and NOW

  • From: WEAA
  • Updated: Oct 24, 2016
  • Avg Piece Length: 01:01:08
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From the Vault is a musical treasure hunt for unusual, intriguing and underplayed classical music of the 20th and 21st century. These "hidden gems" give listener's the chance to experience fascinating music that is out of the ordinary.

  • From: WICR
  • Updated: Feb 10, 2023
  • Avg Piece Length: 57:10
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It's All Happening - Because Life's Too Short For Boring Radio A weekly music-based program delivering an inspired reinvention in how we inform ourselves about and experience the world we live in. “It’s All Happening” is the latest creative endeavor from veteran community media producer Andy Valeri and Big Beef Productions, bringing together decades of creative media experience with deep musical & cultural aesthetic sensibilities, and seasoned with years of civic engagement and consciousness. The result is a creatively unconventional and highly engaging form of 'hybrid' programming for our digital age - a soundtrack for our ‘interesting times.’

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Feminine Fusion is a free weekly 1-hour radio program that highlights the influence of women in classical music. These are the women throughout history and into the present day who create, perform, and inspire. Composer/announcer Diane Jones of WCNY-FM in Syracuse, NY is your host, and every week showcases some of these remarkable women.

  • From: WCNY
  • Updated: Jul 25, 2022
  • Avg Piece Length: 58:18
Caption: Jazz Most Wanted
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Each week, Jazz Most Wanted counts down the song and artist from number ten to number one by playing the individual songs and by highlighting the players and aspects of the recording that make it special!

  • From: WUCF
  • Updated: Jun 20, 2024
  • Avg Piece Length: 59:18
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Holiday Specials from the WFMT Radio Network

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Concierto presents classical music in English and in Spanish. Music by Spanish and Latin American composers is alternated with classical favorites performed by Hispanic artists.

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Inside Europe: Get the inside take on European affairs... DW's weekly news magazine explores the topical issues shaping the continent. No other part of the globe has experienced such dynamic political and social change in recent years.

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Each week Minnesota Native News looks at social, economic, cultural, health issues and more facing Minnesota’s Native American communities. By informing and educating all Minnesotans about events, activities, and issues in Minnesota’s Native American communities this program interweaves the Native American culture into the rest of the communities of the state.

  • From: Ampers
  • Updated: Jan 29, 2014
  • Avg Piece Length: 05:35
Caption: Karl Christenson & Dr. Zorba Paster
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Laughter's the best medicine, and there's always a healthy dose on public radio's longest-running healthy living talk show. Join Zorba Paster and Karl Christenson as they kick back with callers for lively talk about what's new in healthy living on ZORBA PASTER ON YOUR HEALTH. For custom promos/tags please reach out to Karl Christenson: karl.christenson@wpr.org

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The popular radio show, “You Bet Your Garden®” touted as an hour of "chemical-free horticultural hijinks," is a weekly, nationally syndicated broadcast hosted by Mike McGrath, that will now be produced in the studios of PBS39 in Bethlehem, PA. This weekly call-in program offers ‘fiercely organic’ advice to gardeners far and wide.

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Jazz and the American Spirit examines the great stories of Jazz across America by looking at and listening to the musicians who have created it. Hosted by saxophonist and University of Central Florida Director of Jazz Studies Jeff Rupert.

  • From: WUCF
  • Updated: Jan 29, 2021
  • Avg Piece Length: 58:59
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Spectrum: The fascinating world of science and technology Spectrum is a half-hour weekly with developments in the fields of science and technology.

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All episodes of this award-winning show are free on PRX. For more information visit withgoodreasonradio.org or contact Sarah McConnell at sbm2p@virginia.edu or 434-825-9432.

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All episodes of this award-winning show are free on PRX. For more information visit withgoodreasonradio.org or contact Sarah McConnell at sbm2p@virginia.edu or 434-825-9432.

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"BETA" features playful and provocative profiles of the people and works changing our world through arts, pop culture, and technology. Doug Gordon hosts the program.

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30-second generic promo for episode.

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The Yonder Report is a short, fast-paced roundup of rural news, featuring a wide variety of rural voices.

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Austin Film Festival’s On Story is a one-hour series that offers a look inside the creative process from today’s leading writers, creators and filmmakers.