Unconventional Wisdom

Series produced by Fred Flaxman

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An occasional series of tongue-in-cheek commentaries for public radio, each piece may be used independently of all the others, inserted in magazine programs. There is no reference to the series title or the piece title on any of the pieces. Their lengths vary.

1. "My Classical Music Appreciation Teachers" (5:47) is about learning to love classical music from such unlikely teachers as the Lone Ranger, the Shadow, and Alfred Hitchcock.

2. "In Defence of Dishwashing"
3. "Your Parking Horoscope"
4. "Dealing with Dental Guilt"
5. "Exorcising the Evil Cholesterol Spirits"
6. "Support Public Radio"
7. "The Passage of Time"
8. "The Kiss of Death"
9. "Albanialand"
10. "Declaration of Dependence"
11. "The Teenage Disease"
12. "Inventing the Easy Life"

(descriptions will become available as the pieces are completed)

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Caption: Fred Flaxman
What commentator Fred Flaxman learned about life from his childhood dog.

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Fred Flaxman destroys the theory in only two minutes using his usual tongue-in-cheek approach.

  • Added: Jan 01, 2009
  • Length: 02:03
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Commentator Fred Flaxman is just as thankful for what he's missing.

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A brief, tongue-in-cheek commentary advocating making April Fools' Day a national holiday.

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