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KC Currents, a new program covering news and culture in Kansas City’s diverse communities.

KC Currents takes listeners around the region from churches and conference rooms to schoolyards and farms. The show amplifies the voices and stories of cultural and ethnic communities in and around Kansas City. The goal is to promote discussion on provocative issues and highlight artistic expression and traditions. (NOTE: This program has been discontinued).

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Caption: Professors Kristy Archuleta and John Grable, viewed through the monitor at their clinic., Credit: Sylvia Maria Gross
Kansas State University professors have opened a research clinic aimed at merging techniques of financial planning with couples' therapy.

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Caption: Actress Janet Henry is dressed up as Sarah Palin., Credit: Sylvia Maria Gross
Last week, a Kansas City theater director gathered together a bunch of actors to do a satirical reading of former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah...

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A Kansas rancher invites tourists to help out with his annual prairie burn.

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World War II veteran talks about his experiences as a midwest Latino in the Army.

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Jazz was born in Kansas City during the prohibition, but what happens when 1920s-era hangout stops serving liquor?

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An interview with KCUR's Chuck Haddix on his recent book chronicling the history of Kansas City Jazz in the 1920s and 30s.

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