The Best of Queen Mother Imakhu

Series produced by La Siréna Imakhu

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The best of storyteller, poet, cultural educator and artist Queen Mother Imakhu.

Queen Mother Imakhu has had an extensive career as an artist who weaves words with her storytelling, poetry, plays, social commentary, and contemporary sermons. Her gift for crafting stories comes by way of her family's Carolinian roots. Influenced as a child raised in the radical 60s, Imakhu became passionate about reclaiming African culture. This is reflected in her art and spirituality. Rev. Queen Mother Imakhu is a Khametic Theologian who has immersed herself in Ancient Egyptian lore, along with the folklore of the African diaspora. Queen Mother Imakhu has learned that ultimately, we each have a story that tells to be heard.

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Queen Mother Imakhu gives homage to African American southern "hant" tales in this original, humorous, and eerie rendition of a true urban story.

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