Bonjour Chanson Series 35

Series produced by Charles Spira

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Through French Chanson we can learn how the French live, love and think. Five more episodes exploring beautiful voices and melodies. No French language skills needed to enjoy the show.

Learning a new language gives you a tool to look at the world differently. So, it is with listening to French Chanson. Through beautiful voices and melodies, we learn how the French live and love, what makes them tick. All this can be enjoyed without knowing any French. Enjoy five more episodes with very diverse artists.

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Caption: By Courtesy of Julia Paris, Credit: Emanuele Scorcelletti
We love French language Popular Music and delight in sharing it with an English commentary. No French language skills are required to enjoy the show.

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  • Added: Oct 05, 2020
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Caption: By Courtesy of Les Innocents, Credit: Yann Orhan
French Chanson was born in the cabarets of 19th century Paris. It has evolved continuously and the genre has become beloved all over the world. W...

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  • Added: Sep 10, 2020
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Caption: By Courtesy of Samares, Credit: Nicolas Mallus
We bring you the best of French Language Popular Music with an English commentary. Beautiful voices and melodies for you to enjoy and absolutely n...

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Caption: By Courtesy of Noga, Credit: Quentin Bertoux
French is arguably the most euphonious language anywhere and when you add the beautiful melodies and voices from "French Chanson" to the mix, the r...

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Caption: By Courtesy of Marie Modiano, Credit: Sophie Glasser
Why listen to French Chanson? It allows us to see the world from a different perspective, learn how the French live and love and what is important...

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