American Graduate: Race, Poverty And The Changing Face Of Schools

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Caption: Senior Walk, Credit: Duncanville High School Archives
Image by: Duncanville High School Archives 
Senior Walk 

Public schools in North Texas have experienced several demographic shifts over the past half-century. From integration and white flight to immigration and charter schools, the educational landscape has been reshaped.

In "Race, Poverty and The Changing Face of Schools," KERA digs deeply into four North Texas high schools to explore how the economy and changing demographics are affecting students’ path to graduation.

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Caption: Amna Salman (foreground) and other Muslim students gather to pray inside a classroom at Liberty High., Credit: Lara Solt
Frisco, once a small, railroad town, is now one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Two decades ago, three out of every four people livin...

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Caption: Rykeyia "Rocky" Branch listens as head coach Brett Duff gives the Duncanville varsity team a pep talk., Credit: Samantha Guzman
Duncanville High School has undergone big demographic changes in recent years. Today, about 70 percent of the students are considered economically ...

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Caption: Senior Walk, Credit: Duncanville High School Archives
Through demographic and economic changes over the years, Duncanville High School, in a suburb south of Dallas, has maintained one constant — a winn...

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Caption: Kimball High School Academy of Hospitality and Tourism students are fitted with suits to interview in while on a field trip to Workforce Solutions Greater Dallas., Credit: Lara Solt
Poverty is surging at Kimball High School in Dallas. Fifteen years ago, 57 percent of the families were economically disadvantaged. Today, it’s 83 ...

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Caption: Margie Horton, 1961 graduate of Kimball High in Dallas, Credit: Lara Solt
Kimball High School in Dallas has endured a demographic earthquake over the past 50 years. First came integration, then busing and white flight, fo...

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Caption: Kimball students, Credit: Lara Solt
Here’s a look at each of the four North Texas high schools in our American Graduate series, “Race, Poverty and the Changing Face of Schools.”

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