Yusuf / Cat Stevens - Tell 'Em I'm Gone - Shorts

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Series of four short segments - intimate interview with Yusuf / Cat Stevens about his new album, Tell 'Em I'm Gone, as heard on NPR First Listen.

Rita Houston (WFUV) hosts this series of four short pieces cleared for any broadcast or online use. Includes an intimate interview with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame singer/songwriter Yusuf/Cat Stevens about his life and music.

"Air it or Share it" Oct 21-27 when NPR First Listen features his new album "Tell 'Em I'm Gone." Also perfect to use around fund drive offers for the album.

All Songs come from Yusuf / Cat Stevens - "Tell 'Em I'm Gone," as heard on NPR First Listen, in stores 10/28 from Sony Legacy.

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First of four short segments featuring Yusuf/Cat Stevens with excerpts of new songs from Tell 'Em I'm Gone as featured on NPR First Listen.

Bought by Harford Community Radio and KPVL

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