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Listen to the work of RadioActive's summer 2014 students.

Listen to the work of RadioActive's summer 2014 students.

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Caption: Barriers keep people under 21 out of many areas at the Capitol Hill Block Party. , Credit: KUOW Photo/Noah Phillips Reardon
Music festivals all around the country are great places to hear live music. However, not everyone can enjoy the music. Many of the stages have an a...

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Caption: Kathleen Gillette and her family in the mid-1990s., Credit: Credit Courtesy of Kathleen Gillette
Kathleen Gillette has had a passion for singing for as long as she can remember. But after spending 15 years as an opera singer, her career began t...

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Caption: Leo Egashira in Glacier Bay, Alaska, Credit: Courtesy of Leo Egashira
Leo Egashira was diagnosed with HIV in 1992. He saw the diagnosis as a slow death sentence so he decided to take a once in a life time trip. He tak...

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Caption: E. Russell 'Noodles' Smith, the owner of a famous club in the Central District in the 1900s., Credit: Credit Public domain, via
RadioActive Reporter Nia Price-Nascimento lives in a house built in the 1920s in the Central District, Seattle's historically African-American neig...

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Caption: Quang Adam Nguyen, Angela's dad, holding the South Vietnamese and American flags. , Credit: Credit Courtesy of Quang Adam Nguyen
Angela Nguyen is going away to college and leaving behind everything she loves. Her dad did the same when he left Vietnam. But unlike her, he left ...

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Caption: Impersonating Michael Jackson made it easier for Lorenzo Manuel to deal with the social pressures of middle school., Credit: Courtesy of Lorenzo Manuel
Lorenzo Manuel started impersonating Michael Jackson after the singer’s death. At the time he found impersonating Michael helped him to cope with t...

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Caption: 16-year-old Ifrah Abshir says she is in a committed relationship with Computer Science. But she still struggles to fit into the tech industry. , Credit: KUOW Photo/Ahlaam Ibraahim
Sixteen year old Ifrah Abshir had a rocky start with computer science, but she eventually fell in love with it. The tech industry has been trying t...

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Caption:  (From left) Maria's father, mother, grandmother, and grandfather at their home in Manila - the same home where they once encountered a supernatural creature. Maria learned about many traditional Filipino beliefs from her grandmother, Conchita Carpio., Credit: Courtesy of the Caoagdan family
In the Philippines superstitions and the existence of supernatural creatures are firmly believed. RadioActive Youth Media reporter Maria Delmar Cao...

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