History Speaks

Series produced by WTIP

Caption: Henry Mayhew in Grand Marais
Henry Mayhew in Grand Marais 

History Speaks is an exploration and presentation of aspects of our region's past.

Through shared stories with familiar voices, we delve into our region's rich history to help foster an appreciation and understanding of the community in which we find ourselves today. This series utilizes archival tape, documents and first-hand interviews to help paint a picture of events, places, and people important in our areas past.

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Caption: Artist's Point
Artist's Point is a landmark in Grand Marais, a distinctive spit of land that extends into Lake Superior. The history and importance of the Point i...

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Caption: Billy Magee with Ernest Oberholtzer, Credit: National Park Service
Ernest Oberholtzer was a quiet man who lived most of his life on an island in Rainy Lake. He is also responsible for the protection of much of the ...

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