Bonjour Chanson Series 15

Series produced by Charles Spira

Caption: Pottery in Provence
Pottery in Provence 

In this, the 15th Series of 5 episodes, we introduce 30 more beautiful French Language Songs with an English commentary. The artists are introduced and you'll know what the songs are about. Sit back and enjoy!

The French language music scene is as vibrant as ever and in this 15th Series of 5 episodes we introduce new artists from the Francophone music scene as well as those who have endured, Enjoy the color and the emotions of this wonderful genre.

5 Pieces

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Caption: Fredda by courtesy of Martingale Music, Credit: Sébastien Perron
From thousands of Francophone songs we have selected 6 that will speak to you. We tell you about the artists and songs in English. No need to spea...

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We invite you to enjoy six Francophone songs with English commentary. The newer songs will surprise you. The traditional ones will charm you.

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Caption: Iris Koshlev of Peppermoon, Credit: Courtesy of Peppermoon.
We introduce Four French and two Canadian artists in English. They interpret 6 Francophone songs and you do not need to know French to enjoy the sh...

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Caption: Constance Amiot, courtesy of Talent Sorcier
Enjoy 5 beautiful French language love songs and a nostalgic look at childhood. As always, the commentary is in English and you don't need French ...

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Caption: Pierre Faa, Credit: © Jay Alansky
Enjoy six songs about love, about the search for meaning and even about a little black dress that found itself in a closet full of men's clothes. ...

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