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Caption: Basin Street, New Orleans
Basin Street, New Orleans 

‘Storyville’ is a partnership between WWNO and the University of New Orleans. Students in the creative writing workshop at UNO record their own original works about the Crescent City.

‘Storyville’ is a partnership between WWNO and the University of New Orleans. Students in the Creative Writing Workshop at UNO record their own original stories about the Crescent City. Led by Creative Director Richard Goodman and produced by WWNO's Laine Kaplan-Levenson, this new series showcases the works of local residents and their take on the history and experience of living in the city of New Orleans.

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Caption: The 1910 New Orleans Pelicans baseball team; Shoeless Joe Jackson is #12.
This piece by Eric Millman is about moving to New Orleans from California hoping to join a baseball community, and drowning in the unavoidable Sain...

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Caption: Cartoon, "The Mascot", New Orleans, 27 July 1891. "Scenes and Incidents - A Lady Bicyclist Creates a Sensation on St. Charles Avenue".
Lacar Musgrove reads "A Moveable Race" about a 19th Century bicycle race on Thanksgiving Day in New Orleans.

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Adam Karlin talks about the Boat Parade during Lundi Gras in New Orleans, and how he likes it more than the more traditional parts of Carnival.

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Series: Storyville
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Storyville is a new collaboration between of the University of New Orleans and WWNO. These are true stories about New Orleans written by the studen...

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Caption: The 500 Club on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Credit: Ryan Khatam
Phyllis Dunham tells of her first experiences coming to New Orleans with her father...and his friends...

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Series: Storyville
Caption: Dan Lawton
Dan Lawton talks of his first assignment as a crime reporter in the 7th Ward of New Orleans.

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Caption: Jonathan Brown
This story is about a high school teacher in New Orleans who looks back on his shenanigans as a student, and how teaching helps him grow.

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From: WWNO
Series: Storyville
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This story is about a New Orleans native who leaves the city after Hurricane Katrina, only to find his way back...

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Series: Storyville
Caption: One of E. J. Belloqc's Storyville portraits.
This is the premier story for Storyville, about Storyville. University of New Orleans' Robin Baudier looks back on this historic district, and what...

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