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Sage Tyrtle is a noted storyteller. She tells true stories with lyrical grace.

I’m a storyteller. I draw from a rich well of experience – including living in a tent for two years, my schizophrenic lesbian mother, almost-killing people with my mind control (NO REALLY) – to draw my audience in and enthrall them with true stories. My listeners step into my odd life for fifteen minutes at a time, and sometimes their stomachs hurt from laughing. And sometimes they have to go re-do their makeup because they were crying so hard. My listeners forget they’re in a public place. It’s just me and you. And the story.

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"In 1979, the Beach Boys are still all over the radio. Wishing we could ALL be California Girls. You are not a very good good California Girl, desp...

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A true story. When my best friend broke up with me, I wished her dead. Then she had a brain hemorrhage.

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