High Plains Home & Yard

Series produced by Judy Fossum

Caption: Cheyenne Botanic Gardens, Cheyenne, WY, Credit: Shane Smith, Director Cheyenne Botanic Gardens
Image by: Shane Smith, Director Cheyenne Botanic Gardens 
Cheyenne Botanic Gardens, Cheyenne, WY 

The High Plains of America is wide, open and beautiful. High Plains Home & Yard is a bi-monthly series featuring gardening tips specific to the High Plains climate, home energy saving ideas and suggestions for easy to care for house plants.

High Plains Home & Yard covers everything from your garden to your home. As we start the series in the winter, shows will start in the home with suggestions for house plants and how to care for them. The show will also look into some interesting, little known facts about produce. As the weather starts to warm up and we move closer to spring, the show will give suggestions for trees, plants and flowers that can survive the weather specific to the High Plains. Shows will also cover lawn care, pest control and gardening equipment. Through the summer and into the fall, shows will feature tips for a successful garden harvest.

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Sure it is obvious that gardens provide us with delicious fresh food and beautiful flowers, but they actually provide us with so much more. This e...

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With the holiday gift giving season just around the corner, this edition of "High Plains Home & Yard" will give you some suggestions for the gardne...

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Just as you take care of your gardens, it is now time to take care of the equipment that helps you with your gardening chores. This edition of "Hi...

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Caption: Pumpkins, Credit: Google Images
Fall is upon us and that means Pumpkins! This edition of "High Plains Home & Yard" is all about the pumpkin. Enjoy!

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It might be getting brown and a little dry, but that is no reason not to take care of your lawn this fall. In fact, some fall yard care can do a l...

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Caption: Tomatoes, Credit: Google Images
Sure, homegrown tomatoes are super tasty and are a favorite of just about everyone. That's good news too, as their tastiness provides plenty of he...

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It is that time of the year when fresh tomatoes are still plentiful and being enjoyed by gardeners and non-gardeners alike. This edition of "High ...

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This edition of "High Plains Home & Yard" will give you some handy tips on how to keep your prized lawn looking healthy along with some suggestions...

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Herbs are fun and easy to grow. Once they have grown they add nutrition and a burst of flavor to all of your home cooked meals. Not to mention, h...

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Caption: Rose, Credit: Google Images
There are many types of and colors of roses to suit any gardeners' desire. This edition of "High Plains Home & Yard" will perhaps give you some ne...

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Nothing says spring like tulips, daffodils and green grass. This edition of "High Plains Home & Yard" will talk about some useful information abo...

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There's nothing like the goodness, nutrition and let's face it sense of accomplishment you get from growing your own vegetables. This edition of "...

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Caption: Hawthorn Tree, Credit: Google Images
Trees add shade, enjoyment, beauty and even value to property. They also serve as homes to wildlife. On the High Plains, there are some trees tha...

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Caption: Hollyhock, Credit: Google Images
As the grass turns green, it is now time to turn our attention to more color. What better way to add color to your garden than with flowers! The ...

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Caption: Lilac, Credit: Google Images
The High Plains has it's own special climate. From dry conditions, to large swings in temperatures and the wind, it can sometimes be a challenge t...

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The warmer weather, melting snow, welcome seasonal birds and smells of spring bring new inspiration and excitement for this year's garden. This ed...

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Caption: Pressure Cooker, Credit: Google Images
Sure veggies are healthy, but making them appealing and tasty to your friends and family can sometimes be a bit of challenge. This part of the ser...

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Caption: Plaintains, Credit: Google Images
With all of the variety available year around at the grocery store, why just limit yourself to bananas and apples? How about trying something a l...

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Apples are a staple in the produce aisle this time of the year, and the variety is impressive. This edition of "High Plains Home & Yard" will tal...

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Caption: Potted Herbs, Credit: Google Images
While plants and herbs bring beauty to a home, many of them also have medicinal qualities that bring health and healing. This show in the series t...

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