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Now in it's 11th year, this multi-award winning 13-part series of half-hour shows feature the "bioneers"- social and scientific innovators with breakthrough solutions for people and planet. Join over 450 markets worldwide reaching passionate and loyal listeners.

"Revolution from the Heart of Nature" is produced Bioneers, an internationally acclaimed nonprofit educational organization. Dynamic-charismatic-provocative-hopeful, these are the ardent voices of our most brilliant visionaries. They span the rich arc of human endeavor and transformation toward a future environment of hope. In series 9, you can hear leading experts such as filmmaker and environmental advocate Annie Leonard, acclaimed author Alice Walker, world-renowned playwright and women’s rights activist Eve Ensler, and dozens of other luminaries to discuss the most pressing issues of our time. Topics range from food and farming to indigenous wisdom to women's leadership.

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Caption: Dune Lankard
For thousands of years, First Peoples have successfully managed the complex reciprocal relationships between biological and human cultures using Tr...

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Caption: David Orr, Credit: Tim Porter
Most American schools are flunking out when it comes to how well they integrate ecological literacy across the curriculum. And many are doing no b...

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Caption: Paul Stamets
Scientists, entrepreneurs and educators on technology’s cutting edge offer a broad array of bio-based solutions that are already working to transit...

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