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Caption: Butch at the Steinway, Credit: Ross Ayoka
Image by: Ross Ayoka 
Butch at the Steinway 

Butch Thompson hosts this program that features original jazz recordings and the occasional live performance.

In a career spanning over 40 years, pianist and clarinetist Butch Thompson has earned a world-wide reputation as a traditional jazz and ragtime master. His reach is wide, from classic ragtime by Scott Joplin to New Orleans stomps and tangos by Jelly Roll Morton, lyrical blues and boogie woogie from southside Chicago, roaring Harlem stride by Fats Waller, early solos by Duke Ellington, and more.

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Caption: Butch Thompson and Sarah LaRose Holland, Credit: Patrick O'Laughlin
A collaboration of music, dance and photography, this radio program was recorded live at The Lab Theater in Minneapolis.

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Caption: Butch Thompson at the piano, Credit: Patrick O'Loughlin
Butch Thompson’s Jazz Originals Holiday Concert features an exciting repertoire of New Orleans music ranging from 1920s style classics to blues to ...

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Recorded live at McNally Smith College of Music, on April 1st, Butch Thompson takes us on a fun and foolish romp with the pioneers of jazz music.

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Caption: The merry elf., Credit: Ross Ayoka
Live performance of Butch Thompson's holiday show.

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