Inside the Cultural Divide

Series produced by Judith Sloan

Caption: Grafitti Wall near where Sloan teaches, Credit: Photo by Warren Lehrer, from Crossing the BLVD
Image by: Photo by Warren Lehrer, from Crossing the BLVD 
Grafitti Wall near where Sloan teaches 

An eye-witness poetic reportage from a teacher and cultural reporter's point of view who works in educational institutions for new immigrants and refugees, kids from war-zones, and incarcerated youth.

For two decades, Judith Sloan has worked and lived in the most diverse county in the United States, Queens, NY. She has been traveling throughout the U.S. and abroad with her collaborative multimedia project on new immigrants and refugees called Crossing BLVD for eight years. She now takes a reporters eye to a series of poetic first-person narrative pieces, an eye-witness accounting from inside the cultural divide.

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Caption: Judith Sloan, Credit: photo Michael Premo, design Warren Lehrer
From YO MISS! Teaching Inside the Cultural Divide, Volume 1, a play by Judith Sloan. WINNER FIRST PLACE 2008, Missouri Review Narrative Essay about...

  • Added: Feb 25, 2008
  • Length: 06:48