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A monthly series about food and agriculture in the inland Northwest.

Award winning public radio producer Guy Hand takes a monthly, sound-rich look at the inland Northwest's surprising diversity of local foods and food producers. Launched three and a half years ago as Edible Idaho, Northwest Food News has tagged along with truffle growers, alligator farmers and raspberry-picking nuns. We've pulled muddy tubers with native peoples (literally getting back to their roots); discovered that tater tots are actually a creative repackaging of what was once cattle feed; and found that arugula, when it comes to partisan politics, makes a very good weapon.

Northwest Food News searches for the universal in the local. After all, when it comes to the subject of food, big themes are often served on small plates.

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Caption: Sugar Beets, Credit: Don Morishita
We've all heard about the controversy over genetically modified sugar beets. But what is a sugar beet? The answer might surprise you.

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The Northwest's cold winters are the perfect climate for making great ice wine.

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Caption: Local tomatoes at a farmers' market, Credit: Guy Hand
Some "local" food is actually harvested from Costco or as far away as Mexico. Some think it's time for a certification process to make sure local ...

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Beer is finally getting respect in serious food circles. Today, learning to pair your meal with an ale or porter is nearly as respectable as a pai...

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Caption: Cloverleaf Creamery bottling plant, Credit: Guy Hand
Fresh milk — thanks to it’s perishable nature — was once the most local of local foods. Today, though, milk is often a highly processed commodity ...

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Caption: Hard apple cider, Credit: Guy Hand
Hard apple cider, once nearly forgotten, is enjoying a national comeback. In the Northwest, Washington and Oregon are becoming big producers. Ida...

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Caption: Idaho greenhouses in winter, Credit: Guy Hand
How greenhouse could revolutionize the availability of local food in winter.

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Caption: Tyler Korn enjoying a garden school carrot at Northside Elementary School in Sandpoint, Idaho., Credit:  Photo by Michele Murphree
A new year-long project hopes to bring Idahoans together over the subject of food.

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Caption: Produce that local food farmers sell directly to customers at farmers' markets, Credit: Guy Hand
A look at why some farmers are turning to local food.

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As the local food movement grows so does criticism.

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Caption: Vast potato fields in Eastern Idaho, Credit: Guy Hand
The local food movement is beginning to threaten global agricultural brands like the iconic Idaho potato.

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Caption: Raspberry Festival sign at St. Gertrudes, Credit: Guy Hand
At the Monastery of St. Gertrude in Central Idaho, food and faith are tied together like raspberry canes to a trellis.

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Caption: Backyard Chickens, Credit: Photo by Guy Hand
The dramatic increase in interest in raising backyard or urban chickens and the cultural implications.

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Caption: Underground dinner in Washington state wine country, Credit: Guy Hand
A look at the underground market and restaurant scene in the Northwest.

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Caption: Detail from Garden o' Feeding sign, Credit: Guy Hand
A feature on the growing interest in community gardens among faith-based organizations.

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[HOST INTRO] Edible Idaho producer and print journalist Guy Hand has written on controversial subjects in the past like clear-cut logging, mining p...

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[HOST INTRO] The ethical treatment of farm animals is a growing concern for many Americans. And that puts states with relatively few animal cruelt...

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Caption: Students at butchery class in Hailey, Idaho, Credit: Paulette Phlipot
Butchery classes are growing in popularity nationwide.

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Caption: Idaho's Bounty Crew, Credit: Paulette Phlipot Photography
A sound rich feature on an Idaho group working to distribute local food in winter.

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Caption: Basque men cleaning leeks for blood sausage, Credit: Guy Hand
Tis the season for holiday feasting. But some celebratory foods can be a little hard to swallow. Like blood sausage. Made from the blood of fres...

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