Guess Who's Listening?

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Caption: Listening Here, There, Everywhere?, Credit: SLG
Image by: SLG 
Listening Here, There, Everywhere? 

Series of interviews revealing some unlikely but large groups of PubRadio listenership demographics.

Tuning in to PubRadio are people that some people would have thought would NOT be listening -- but they ARE -- and they reveal what it is they LIKE TO HEAR!

2 Pieces

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Caption: Truck Drivers Are Listening A Lot to ATC and ME!, Credit: SLG
State Truck Driver Winners Listen To Public Radio

  • Added: May 19, 2009
  • Length: 03:46
Caption: Champion Truck Association Drivers Listen to Lots of Public Radio - Do You Know Why?, Credit: SLG
Truckers Are Tuning In to PubRadio Big Time!

  • Added: May 17, 2009
  • Length: 17:28