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A variety of fundraiser spots that have aired on Spokane Public Radio for amusement and production ideas.

I'm Patrick Klausen the production director for Spokane Public Radio. I've been a full time public radio guy for more than 10 years. These are some amusing pieces I have made for early renewals, pledge drives and an annual fundraiser we have called The Recording and Video Sale. These are a blast to produce and have gotten great responses from our listeners. And by all means take or borrow some ideas for your station to produce. I'll keep making them and occassionally post to the PRX Fundraising Soundbank. It's about time we had someplace to share this stuff. Thanks PRX!

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Caption: Performer Nellie McKay
Short song with public radio testimonial from performer Nellie McKay.

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SPR supporter Don Hamilton compares public radio support with passing the collection plate at church.

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