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Coping 101 (Series)

Produced by C89.5 - KNHC Seattle

Most recent piece in this series:

Coping 101: The Residency w/ Jace ECAj

From C89.5 - KNHC Seattle | Part of the Coping 101 series | 49:25


"If we don't talk about it, and the systems stay in place, we won't get too many changes. We have to change not just the mind of the folx, but we have to change their hearts and their vision. What do you see? How do you feel about what you see? Mental Health is not one thing, it's connected to all of those. Your mental, your spiritual, your physical, your emotional... when those are all in line then you feel stronger for whatever scenario comes up." - Jace ECAj 
Jace ECAj recently sat down with Gavin, advisor of the Podcast Club at Nathan Hale High School, to discuss stories from a life of music and activism, the role of hip hop in Community, and the work being done to raise the next wave of Seattle artists. Jace is the Director of Community and Artist Development and a teaching artist for hip hop community and artist workshop, The Residency. Jace is a veteran Seattle MC, and one half of the internationally touring duo Black Stax. He is a creative writing teacher who has led panels focusing on the accountability and responsibility of artists, and a leading voice in the Seattle hip-hop scene. 

Co-presented by 4Culture, Coping 101's Artist Mental Health Stories amplify voices from King County's cultural sector to empower individual artists, uplift the creative community and destigmatize mental health from a teen's perspective. No matter our age or background we all face challenges, and there are many healthy ways to find balance. Get started with more episodes and resources hosted at c895.org/coping101

The Apple Seed (Series)

Produced by BYUradio/KUMT/KBYU-FM

Most recent piece in this series:

An Hour of Storytelling - The Power of the Little Things and Starfish and Student Leader

From BYUradio/KUMT/KBYU-FM | Part of the The Apple Seed series | 52:49


Join us for our season finale! Bil Lepp and Sheila Arnold tell stories that bring light to the little things. Discover the strength of little things. 
(1:42) Bil Lepp tells us how he got the idea for his picture book "The King of Little Things"
(3:04) Bil Lepp tells "The King of Little Things" a story that shows us when we are content with our collection of little things, we will have so much more than we ever thought possible. 
(11:07) Sam tells a story about a time when he learned how impactful a pinhead-size drop of oil could be.
(15:20) Sheila Arnold tells "The Deluge" a story the gifts we may be overlooking when we talk over the littlest voices. 

Charlotte Blake Alston "Starfish" and Kate Dudding "Barbara Jones - A Student Leader."