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Living Planet: Environment Matters ~ from DW (Series)

Produced by DW - Deutsche Welle

Most recent piece in this series:

Living Planet 04/19/24

From DW - Deutsche Welle | Part of the Living Planet: Environment Matters ~ from DW series | 29:59

61296882_7_small Deep dive: Mercury’s tantalizing promise of endless gold in South America. Mercury’s a known pollutant in fish, but did you know one of the biggest mercury emitters is actually small-scale gold mining? From sunken ships to shihuahuaco trees, we take a deep dive into the astounding history and science of mercury and the solutions that could break its toxic cycle.

Making Contact (Series)

Produced by Making Contact

Most recent piece in this series:

The Coast Miwok Peoples, Colonization, and the Preservation of Indigenous History (Encore)

From Making Contact | Part of the Making Contact series | 29:00


Dive into the history of Point Reyes National Seashore, one of the most iconic parks in northern California, with us. Known for rugged sweeping beaches and the famous tule elk, we'll recount the waves of colonization that violently upended the lives of the Coast Miwok peoples who lived there – and one Indigenous woman's struggle to preserve her family history. 

The story of Point Reyes is a story about how the forces of colonialism continue to shape the fate of public lands in the United States, and the campaigns waged to fight back and protect Indigenous land. 

Learn more about the story and find the transcript on radioproject.org. [https://www.radioproject.org/2024/04/the-coast-miwok-peoples-colonization-and-the-preservation-of-indigenous-history]

Making Contact [https://radioproject.org/] is an award-winning, nationally syndicated radio show and podcast featuring narrative storytelling and thought-provoking interviews. We cover the most urgent issues of our time and the people on the ground building a more just world.

Food Sleuth Radio (Series)

Produced by Dan Hemmelgarn

Most recent piece in this series:

Austin Frerick, author, Barons: Money, Power, and the Corruption of America’s Food Industry.

From Dan Hemmelgarn | Part of the Food Sleuth Radio series | 28:00

Food_sleuth_on_kopn_small Did you know that anti-trust legislation helps protect our democracy? Join Food Sleuth Radio host and Registered Dietitian, Melinda Hemmelgarn, for her interview with Austin Frerick, author of  Barons: Money, Power, and the Corruption of America’s Food Industry. Frerick discusses the dangers of monopolies, consolidation, and exploitation in our food system – how we lost fair markets, and who is getting rich at taxpayer expense.