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Sword and Scale (Series)

Produced by Sword and Scale

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YOU CAN SEE THE MOON (5 x 15 minute Drama Series) (Series)

Produced by Christopher TEMPLETON

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HV Special: Shoah (Holocaust Remembrance)

From Hearing Voices | Part of the Hearing Voices series | 01:00:00

Special For Yom HaShoah- Holocaust Memorial Week

Menstand150_small "Shoah" is Hebrew for whirlwind, complete destruction." --Rabbi Samual Cohen This year Holocaust Memorial Week- Days of Remembrance is May 1-8, and Yom HaShoah- Holocaust Remembrance Day is May 5. To commemorate the 60th anniversary of the camps' liberation (March-June 1945), (((HearingVoices))) offers the special Shoah, A Holocaust Memorial in two versions: a half-hour and an hour program. Both are FREE to public radio stations. The half-hour features: "Descended from the Holocaust" recorded/narrated by Dr. Alan Berkenwald, produced by Jay Allison with Christina Eggloff (from their "Life Stories"). Berkenwald's parents never talked to him about their experience in the concentration camps. At age 41 Alan found out that his parents and their survivor friends had rented a bus to visit the Holocaust Museum in Washington. He asked if he could come along and bring a tape recorder. (Premiered 1998- NPR Things Considered.) "Yom Hashoah 1994" combines survivor interviews with music and prayers from Shoah services (Congregations Beth Aaron- Billings MT & B'nai Jeshuran- Cleveland OH). And it documents the Billings community's united, emphatic "Not in Our Town" response that stopped a series of anti-Jewish crimes. Produced by Barrett Golding; Cleveland recordist was NPR's Rick Karr. (Premiered 1995- NPR Things Considered.) The hour version also features: "Death Marches and Liberation" produced by David Notowitz and narrated by Elliot Gould. This an excerpt from the documentary "Voices of the Shoah: Remembrances of the Holocaust" drawn from interviews with 180 survivors. (This is the national radio premiere this project, coordinated by Richard Foos, President of Rhino Records, and released as a 4-CD box set, with a 100-page book of photos, interviews and historical perspectives). "From Belsen Concentration Camp," BBC reports by Patrick Gordon Walker recorded live at the camp May 1945, days after the Liberation.

Reveal Weekly (Series)

Produced by Reveal

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1017: The Spy Inside Your Smartphone, 4/27/2024

From Reveal | Part of the Reveal Weekly series | :00

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Dark Winter Nights: True Stories from Alaska (Series)

Produced by Robert Prince

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Dog Sense

From Robert Prince | Part of the Dark Winter Nights: True Stories from Alaska series | 29:00

Dog Sense
Robert Prince

Dwnpodcastimage_small Betsey Jacobson and her partner Nathan embark on their dream of training service dogs for people with disabilities, but their first puppy gives them the scare of their lives.  Seth Robinson and his wife Jenny can't agree on if it's safe to keep hiking up a mountain due to the risk of an avalanche, so they decide to let Murphy be the tie breaking vote.  Murphy happens to be their dog.

Spark - True Stories (Series)

Produced by Matt Hill

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Best of Spark #3 - Richard Tyrone Jones

From Matt Hill | Part of the Spark - True Stories series | 30:43


Three true stories told live from the stage – and a warning, this episode contains some very adult themes.


In today’s programme:


* Sudeshna escapes war-torn Uganda thanks to her father 

* Alix Fox reveals her unusual sense of smell, caused by synesthesia

* Richard apologises using a napkin

The Dinner Party with Elysabeth Alfano (Series)

Produced by Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano

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Julian Lennon

From Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano | Part of the The Dinner Party with Elysabeth Alfano series | 36:00

Lennon_2016_35_closest_and_best_small Julian Lennon discusses his newest love, photography, his world travels and some thoughts on life from his father, John Lennon with Elysabeth Alfano on the Celebrity Dinner Party.

East Boston Stories (Series)

Produced by ZUMIX Radio

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My Mom's Success With Mary Kay

From ZUMIX Radio | Part of the East Boston Stories series | 02:51

Rayza___mom_raisa_small Mary Kay's model of having women sell beauty products in their communities has allowed many women to make a living while raising a family. In recent decades, it has also provided alternative employment to immigrant women who face additional challenges. In this interview, 16 year old Rayza Chavez interviews her mother about this experience.