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Compiled By: ann lasker

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Rumble Strip Vermont (Series)

Produced by Erica Heilman

Most recent piece in this series:

Object of My Affection

From Erica Heilman | Part of the Rumble Strip Vermont series | 15:20

Binny_closeup_small This is a conversation about love and objects. It’s from a late night conversation with my friend Clare Dolan . In the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, we sat on my couch and talked about a special kind of love that exists between people and objects. The conversation starts with Clare’s first friend in childhood…a small stuffed creature called Binny.
Clare is the curator at The Museum of Everyday Life in Glover, Vermont. It is a self-service museum located in her barn, and it ‘dedicates itself to deteriorating objects of no monetary value, but of immense ordinary-life consequence.’

Letters From N (Series)

Produced by Aleph Null

Most recent piece in this series:

#5: Lone Road to the Lost North

From Aleph Null | Part of the Letters From N series | 12:21

1_small The letters. They're more powerful than you think. As is Fenrir. As is Cal. Any expectations you had, they're much different now. This changes everything. Also, the first sponsor. Go to Georgia (the dog) and use the code "LFN" for extra savings.

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Public Domain Sounds

The "Get to Know Me" occasional series (Series)

Produced by Liz McArthur

Most recent piece in this series:

Hi Five, Denzel Washington

From Liz McArthur | Part of the The "Get to Know Me" occasional series series | 06:16

High_five_sunset_small I hate high fives and have only tried to high five one person as an adult. It was Denzel Washington. He wasn't really into it.

Last Best Stories: Episode 1 (Series)

Produced by Jule Banville

Most recent piece in this series:

Amina on Ramadan (2015) (Series)

Produced by Katy Sewall

Most recent piece in this series:

Ramadan: The Celebration

From Katy Sewall | Part of the Amina on Ramadan (2015) series | 06:00

Dscf0521_small Amina Al-Sadi is a 25-year-old American Muslim currently observing the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan is for spiritual renewal, but it is also about celebration. Amina and her family bring us an intimate look at the holiday that marks the end of the month. A holiday many people compare to Christmas.

This piece is Part 3 of a three part series - but it can also stand alone.

Anishinabe Storytelling 2015 (Series)

Produced by Bois Forte Tribal Community Radio

Most recent piece in this series:

Shane Drift 36088

From Bois Forte Tribal Community Radio | Part of the Anishinabe Storytelling 2015 series | 24:58


Anishinabe storytelling, a program that conveys teachings of the Anishinabe culture as told in the oral tradition of the people of the Bois Forte communities.

2015 Re:sound Specials, from the Third Coast Audio Festival (Series)

Produced by Third Coast International Audio Festival

Most recent piece in this series:

Re:sound - The Tight Spaces Show

From Third Coast International Audio Festival | Part of the 2015 Re:sound Specials, from the Third Coast Audio Festival series | 59:00


This hour we look and the ups and downs of confinement. 

Picture A Box

by Nate DiMeo (The Memory Palace, 2012)
Sometimes the only way to get out of a tight space is by getting into an even tighter one. Henry Brown did just that when he sealed himself in a very tight space. 

Tunnel 57
by Roman Mars & Daniel Gross (99% Invisible, 2014)
In 1961, East Germany closed its border to West Berlin with a wall. But this isn’t a story about the the Berlin Wall. This is a story about how to get through it — or really, underneath it.

Elbow Room
by Elizabeth Arnold (Stories From The Heart Of The Land, 2007)
Alaska, China and Mongolia ~ How much land does a person need? Elizabeth Arnold, who lives in Alaska, goes in search of even more wide-open space—and ends up with a case of claustrophobia in Outer Mongolia.

The Isolation Solitude Confinement Happiness Freedom Domain
by Jon Tjhia and written by Toby Fehily (Radiotonic from ABCRN & Paper Radio)
A day spa isn't the first place you'd expect to find a think tank. And yet beyond the spray tans and skin needling, the head massages and body sugaring, Toby Fehily finds himself stripping off and stepping into a darkened capsule filled with warm, salty water. With the lid tightly shut, Toby merges into the purest blackness, coming to his senses via the most senseless route possible.