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50 Years of Country (Series)

Produced by Bill Taylor

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50 Years of Country show 245

From Bill Taylor | Part of the 50 Years of Country series | 02:02:58


A weekly 2-hour program, 50 Years of Country provides you with quality "Adult Vintage Country Hits" with real radio hosts. You will find that '50 Years' is an entertaining program that your listeners will enjoy and look forward to each week. We encourage listeners to send requests to our email request address (requests@50yearsofcountry.com).
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Ep. 158: Odds & Ends Oct 2021

From Franklin Fantini | Part of the Dollar Country series | 58:00

A collection of lost American music on 45 rpm discs. You are guaranteed to hear something you've never heard before.

Cover_edit_small Dollar Country Episode 158
Air: Nov 17 2021 - Nov 23 2021
Length: 58 min

[Set 1]
01 Rod hart - Choke Up On The 8 Ball (Phoenix Sun, 1968)
02 Wilf Conway - Thunder & Lightning (Nashville Records, 1963)
03 Patsy Coleman - A Little Love Here (Kathy Records, 1960s)
04 Tony Douglas - Baby, When The Sun Goes Down (D, 1958)
05 Mona Kerry - Half Moon (Mar-Vel, 1958)

---Talking Break---
Dollar Country the show where I share country 45s forgotten along the path of history
sometimes never were known in the first place to be forgotten about all the misses strikeouts,
whiffs and beanballs from the golden age of country music.

[Set 2]
06 Little Billy Newton - Why Did I Do It (Buckaroo, 19??)
07 Jimmie Lauderdale and the Harmony Masters - The Flame Of Love (Jopz Records, 1957)
08 Kathy Nunn - Everytime I'm Near You (Silver Star, 1969)
09 Chesley Carroll - Hippie From Mississippi (Minaret, 1970)
10 Eddie Lee - I Wish I Was Home (Jamaka Records, 1967)

---Talking Break---

[Set 3]
11 Dusty King - Wake Up And Worry (Delta Records Ltd., 1968)
12 Russell Minich & The Country Playboys - Long Ways To Kansas City (The Country Playboys, 19??)
13 George miner - C.Q. Boogie (SWL Records, 19??)
14 Spirits Of Bluegrass - I'm A Clown (Buckboard, 19??)
15 Ramona Reed - Backing Up (Westex, 1965)
16 Freddie Frank - This Old Rig (Permian Records, 1957)
17 Art T-Bone - Clouds In The Sky (T-Bone Records, 19??)

---Talking Break---

18 Jerry 'Eli' Lee - The Pawnbroker (New Galaxy Records, 19??)

The International Americana Music Show - #2146 for Nov. 9th-16th, 2021

From Michael Park | Part of the The International Americana Music Show series | 59:00

Of the dozen songs on this new edition of the program, many are filled with statements, questions, claims or declarations. There is also a track set in real Canadian bar, one that mentions "The Man In Black," and one that takes us back to 1960. The International Americana Music Show remains the only radio show that plays Americana music made exclusively by non-American artists.

1a_rustic_sketch_3_map_-_copy_small Now in its eighth year of syndication, The International Americana Music Show (TIAMS) remains the only radio show anywhere in the world to exclusively feature Americana music made solely by non-American artists. The hour-long show includes new music and classic tracks by bands and singers, many of whom have never before been heard on American radio, and who come from an incredibly diverse range of countries. The show is presented by New York based, Scottish broadcaster, Michael Park. TIAMS reports to NPR Digital Services and conforms to the Audio Loudness Standard: -24LUFS +/- 2LU.

Ep. 469 - Jack Guthrie - His Greatest Songs

From Sean Hickey | Part of the If That Ain't Country series | 02:54:00

In this week's episode we're remembering a name that is too often left out of conversations about western swing: Jack Guthrie. Our feature album this week is Capitol's 1966 retrospective: "Jack Guthrie - His Greatest Songs", featuring twelve dynamite western swingers from his extremely short recording career (1944-1947). Born in Oklahoma in 1915 and a cousin to the famous Woody Guthrie, Jack's family moved around - the age of nineteen found him married on the West Coast, singing and entertaining in cafes and bars while pursuing a rodeo dream. After hearing Guthrie's easy-going hillbilly tenor, Capitol's Lee Gillette signed him to a recording deal in 1944, and the likeable Okie recorded his first and biggest hit "Oklahoma Hills" shortly after. Uncle Sam saw him whisked overseas before he could enjoy his new found national fame, but between then and his untimely passing from tuberculosis in 1947, he cut some sensational sides. With overdubbed honky tonk brushes a la Hank Thompson of the same era, Capitol have an excellent look at a career cut short - and as if Jack Guthrie needed anymore credibility, the original LP has some extremely candid liner notes written by his personal friend: the iconic Merle Travis. Turn it up.


HOUR 1: 58:00
1. Jack Guthrie – Oakie Boogie (1946)
2. Blue Highway – I Ain’t Gonna Lay My Hammer Down (2011)
3. Jon Rutherford – Taste Of Texas (2005)
4. YOUTUBE REFLECTIONS: Eddie Rabbitt – Two Dollars In The Jukebox (1976)
5. George Strait – The Chair (1985)
6. Willie Nelson – Crazy (60s)
7. Zelda Ellison – Today I Started Loving You Again (1977)
8. Faron Young – The Great Chicago Fire (1979)
9. Cahalen Morrison & Country Hammer - Sorrow Lines the Highway of Regret (2014)
BUMPER: Buck Owens – Orange Blossom Special
10. Becky Hobbs – A Woman Needs (1988)
11. Jack Guthrie – Shame, Shame On You (1946)
12. Jack Guthrie – When The Cactus Is In Bloom (1944)
13. Lucas Hudgins – The Man Who Makes Her Cry (2009)
14. Moe Bandy – We Start The Fire (But Somebody Else Puts It Out) (1979)
15. Kenny Biggs – Oh, Lonesome Me [Live] (1971)
16. Kenny Biggs – Truck Drivin’ Man [Live] (1971)
HOUR 2: 58:00
1. Daryle Singletary – I’m Living Up To Her Low Expectations (1995)
2. AUSSIE INJECTION: Troy Cassar-Daley – Gumbaynggirr Skies (2016)
3. AUSSIE INJECTION: Troy Cassar-Daley – Country Music’s Coming To Town (2016)
4. The Willis Brothers – Credit Card (1965)
5. Jack Guthrie – Dallas Darlin’ (1944)
6. Jack Guthrie – Colorado Blues (1947)
7. Bobby Austin – Mary’s Merry-Go-Round (1967)
8. Larry Sparks – Lines On The Highway (2011)
9. Lynn Anderson – All Day Sucker (1970)
BUMPER: Bob Wills – San Antonio Rose
10. Thomas Sheffield – God’s Green Earth (2015)
11. COUNTRY COVERS: Jamey Johnson – Lonely At The Top (2010)
12. COUNTRY COVERS: Kenny Price – Take Me (1972)
13. COUNTRY COVERS: The Shady Grove Ramblers – Using My Bible For A Roadmap (1975)
14. SHOT OF STEEL: Don Gibson – We Live In Two Different Worlds (1972)
15. Jack Guthrie – Oklahoma Hills (1944)
16. Holly Dunn – Why Woming (1987)
1. The Kendalls – Old Fashioned Love
2. Johnny Paycheck – The Spirits Of St. Louis
3. Ernest Tubb, Grady Martin & Johnny Paycheck – Let’s Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello (1979)
4. Sammy Vaughn – Victims Of The Pretty Things In Life
5. The Statler Brothers – Do You Know You Are My Sunshine
6. Mel Street – Guilty As Sin (1976)
7. George Jones – I Don’t Want No Stranger Sleepin’ In My Bed
8. Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn – How High Can You Build A Fire
9. Melba Montgomery – Never Ending Love Affair
10. Joe Andrews – Kansas City
BUMPER: Buck Owens – Orange Blossom Special
11. Mel Tillis – What Comes Natural To A Fool
12. Tammy Wynette – They Call It Making Love (1980)
13. Johnny Bush – When My Conscience Hurts The Most (60s)
14. Billie Jo Spears – Lonely Hearts Club
15. Red Steagall – Bob’s Got A Swing Band In Heaven
16. Johnny Cash – I Would Like To See You Again
17. Gene Watson – Cowboys Don’t Get Lucky All The Time